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Which Mercedes COMAND Navigation DVD Map Disk do I need?

how to play music from android via bluetooth in a mercedes benz

Did you recently buy a Mercedes-Benz with navigation, but it is missing the Navigation DVD? Trying to find the right Mercedes-Benz navigation DVD online can be confusing. How do you know which disk will work with your Mercedes-Benz? In this article, you will learn how to figure out which Navi …

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How to play music from iPhone Android in a Mercedes car

how to play music via bluetooth on a mercedes benz

This article will show you how to wirelessly stream music from your phone to your Mercedes car stereo.  This method connects your iPhone / iPod / Android wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. The only requirement for this to work is that your Mercedes-Benz must have the 30-pin iPod / iPhone adapter. …

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Mercedes Navigation Upgrade Becker Map Pilot

If you recently bought a used Mercedes, you may be wondering why you don’t have navigation. Your Mercedes-Benz has the NAVI button but no GPS! Some models don’t show the NAVI tab on the LCD screen. This was usually the case when the Multimedia Package, which includes the Mercedes navigation …

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How to winterize Mercedes-Benz for winter storage

For some Mercedes-Benz owners (especially the lucky ones with a convertible), the winter ends the summer fun. Storing your Mercedes-Benz the right way is important to ensure you will not be greeted with warning lights when you need to start your car again. Or even worse– not be greeted at …

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Tips on How to Jump Start a Mercedes-Benz Safely

noco lithium jump starter best for mercedes benz

Top 3 Best Jump Starters for Mercedes-Benz 4 Tips on How to Safely Jump-Start a Mercedes-Benz Jumpstarting a Mercedes-Benz can be a nerve-wracking experience and, if performed wrong, an expensive mistake. We have seen many Mercedes-Benz with damaged electronics or additional fault codes due to improper jump starting. It is …

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Mercedes Remote Engine Start DIY Kits using factory key fob

dash warning lights engine start

With winter just around the corner, you may wonder if installing a remote engine starter on your Mercedes-Benz is possible. If you have a Mercedes-Benz mbrace then you are lucky as you can use your smartphone to remote start your Mercedes-Benz. Even if you don’t have mbrace installed, you can still …

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What’s the Best Mercedes Washer Fluid

mercedes windshield washer fluid concentrate

You ought to find the best Mercedes windshield washer fluid; the choice will depend on many factors. Choosing the best windshield washer fluid for Mercedes is not confined to the model you use or the brand you prefer. You have to consider the climatic challenges. You should also consider your driving pattern. …

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Mercedes Benz Offset 16mm or 17mm Engine Mount Wrench

mercedes offset engine mount tool 16mm 17mm

If you plan on replacing the engine mounts (motor mounts) on your Mercedes-Benz, you must have an offset engine mount wrench. This 12-point wrench allows you to access the top bolt on the engine mount easily.  Don’t even bother trying to replace the engine mounts without this tool. It will …

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