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Mercedes Navigation Upgrade Becker Map Pilot

mercedes gps navigationIf you recently bought a used Mercedes, you may be wondering why you don’t have navigation. Your Mercedes-Benz has the NAVI button but no GPS!  Some models don’t show the NAVI tab on the LCD screen. This is usually the case when the Multimedia Package which includes the Mercedes navigation system wasn’t installed at the factory. GPS Navigation is one of the features that comes with the Multimedia Package, which is an optional feature for some models. If your MB doesn’t have GPS that means the original buyer didn’t pay extra $2,000 for the Multimedia Package. The good news is that you can still add navigation to your Mercedes without spending a fortune. In this article, we will talk about the cost-effective soultion that will allow you to add GPS to your Mercedes-Benz C, CLA, GLK, SLK, GLA-class.

Best Mercedes GPS NAVI Navigation Alternative

How to add GPS navigation to my Mercedes-Benz? 

If you are looking to add GPS navigation to your Mercedes without having to pay thousands of dollars, the answer is simple. It is called Becker Map Pilot and costs a lost less than the Multimedia Package.  The Becker Map Pilot can be integrated into existing COMAND system if you are looking for a seamless solution that will allow you to have GPS Navigation.

Mercedes-Benz cars with a standard radio with 2.8 LCD screen option, code 508 and audio 20 can quickly be equipped with a navigation.

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becker map pilotBecker Map Pilot has received a lot of reviews. Many great reviews and a few of them tend to be negative. Therefore we have highlighted the pros and cons of the Becker Map Pilot. Hopefully, this will help you to decide if this Mercedes navigation upgrade is right for you.

PROS of Becker Map Pilot 

  • Fully integrated navigation with the existing COMAND
  • Easy to install. Just plug in the terminal found in the glove box
  • Can be controlled with the steering wheel and central wheel controls
  • Driving instructions can be shown on in the instrument cluster as well
  • Easy to update. Visit beckermappilot.com
  • Inexpensive. Much less expensive than Multimedia Package

CONS of Becker Map Pilot

  • Simple Navigation System
  • Does not add backup camera
  • No traffic/weather information
  • You will have to use it with the existing 5.8 screen


Becker Map Pilot is easy to install. If your MB is pre-wired just plug it in the glove compartment terminal and that’s it. The Becker Map Pilot requires that your Mercedes-Benz pre-wired for the navigation or you install the necessary wire harness. Check if your MB vehicle has factory Option Code 508 and Audio 20 standard radio.  You can call the dealer and they will tell you if you have those options installed. Or you can check if you have these options by going to Mercedes VIN Decoder and use one of the options to check your MB by VIN.  If you have the codes above, your MB is pre-wired. The other alternative would be to check if your Mercedes-Benz has the Map Pilot terminal in the glove box.  Note that if your Mercedes-Benz is not prewired for Map Pilot integration, the wiring can be installed by an independent auto mechanic or your Mercedes dealer.



While the Becker Map Pilot may not be the most sophisticated navigation system out there, it is an excellent way to add navigation to particular MB models. You should definitively consider Becker Map Pilot if you are looking to add GPS navigation to your existing Mercedes COMAND system. Keep in mind that you will need to spend a few minutes to get used to the Map Pilot system. Especially to the way that you are required to enter addresses. The system requires that you enter the address in this format: Sate, Town, Zip Code, Street, and number.  In the end, you will have GPS Navigation that works with your existing COMAND

Where to buy Becker Map Pilot

The Becker Map Pilot has Mercedes Part Number  A 166 900 48 03. The lowest price we found on Genuine OEM Becker Map Pilot was here (eBay link).

Update the map withing the 45 days that you install the unit. Becker has a “fresh map guarantee” but is only available during the first 45 days that you use the GPS (not the car). You will be able to update road maps and POIs for free during this period. 

Becker Map Pilot Compatability

Sprinter- with code #E1N(check with dealer)

Compatible Mercedes models :

2013 2014 Mercedes C-Class Sedan & Coupe C250 C300 C350 C400 C63 AMG

Only 2015 Mercedes C-Class C250 Coupe / C350 Coupe / C63 Coupe

2013 2014 2015 Mercedes GLK-Class GLK250 GLK350

2013 2014 2015 Mercedes SLK250 SLK350 SLK55 AMG

2014 2015 Mercedes CLA250 CLA45 AMG

2015 Mercedes GLA250 / 4Matic / GLA45 AMG

What is the Multimedia Package?

Multimedia package includes Mercedes Navigation system along with other features such as larger LCD screen, backup camera, six disk CD / DVD changer, real weather and traffic and on newer models a 10GB digital music storage.

The cost for MB multimedia package varies between $2200-$2800 depending on the model. In the newer Mercedes models such as the E-Class, the navigation has become a standard feature but on models such as CLA it is an upgrade option at a cost of $2300.

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  1. Beware!
    The ‘current’ Becker Map data is NOT up to date. In fact for their V4 map data downloaded just last week, “current” means up to Q4 2014.

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