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Navigation Can Not Be Activated Problem

Navigation Can Not Be Activated

Error message “Navigation Can Not be Activated” usually means that the Navigation system cannot start up (boot up), possibly due to several reasons. Common problems include a wrong DVD, issues with the navigation processor A40/3n2, or faults in CAN bus (controller area network) communication.
Symptoms of MB navigation system problems
  • After inserting the navigation DVD in your Mercedes-Benz COMAND, you get a warning message “Navigation Cannot Be Activated.”
  • You press the NAVI button on the COMAND but get an alert message saying, “Navigation can not be activated. An error has occurred.”
  • Mercedes Navigation Not Active
  • Cannot read navigation DVD
Related Fault Codes
  • N1112 No data transfer between the D2B master and the D2B predecessor component is possible.
  • B1762 Fault in CAN communication with component A40/3n2 (Navigation processor).


  • CAN Bus Fault
  • Damaged or wrong NAVI Map DVD
    Check the navigation software version. Has it been updated with the latest software? If that’s the case, an older navigation DVD won’t work and can cause the error “Navigation cannot be activated” to appear.
  • Fiber Optic Problem.
    All the units part of the fiber optic must be properly working. If your Mercedes uses a separate drive for the NAVI DVD, it is possible that this unit can be defective. Learn more about fiber optic problems by reading Mercedes Audio System Explained.
  • The navigation DVD Drive is bad.
    The DVD drive that holds your navigation disk could be damaged. The optical lens could be dirty.

Possible Solutions

  1. Try removing the DVD from the drive and letting the car sit for at least half an hour. Don’t start the car, open the doors, or even unlock the vehicle during this time. You want your Mercedes-Benz to go to “sleep.” After the waiting period, reinsert the navigation disk into the DVD slot and try to power up your COMAND system. Press the NAVI button and wait for the system to restart. If that doesn’t work, go to the next step.
  2. Try resetting the COMAND system by removing the fuse for 15 minutes. Reinsert the fuses and check if the error message is gone.
  3. Check all the cables and connections in the back of the COMAND or the DVD drive, especially if work was done near those units. One of the cables in the back of the unit may have gotten loose or been disconnected.

Navigation is initiated; please wait.

Another common error message is “Navigation is initiating; please wait” Under such conditions, the COMAND system works correctly except for the navigation system. Here are a few possible causes and solutions to this problem.

  • optical lensA related error is: “Cannot read navigation DVD,” displayed when the old navigation DVD is severely scratched or damaged. Make sure you are also using a compatible DVD. You may also get messages such as “Navigation is initiating; please wait” This can be caused by a dirty optical laser eye / optical head or lens. Cleaning the optical reader can fix this problem, but you must be extremely careful to avoid damage to the optical head. A professional should clean the optical lens inside the DVD drive to avoid damage to the surface of the optical head lens. There are cleaning CDs on the market that may help with this task, such as Maxell CD Lens Cleaner. We haven’t tested a cleaning CD; therefore, proceed at risk if you try to go that route.  Make sure the Navi disk itself isn’t damaged. If your stereo has only one slot for the Navigation DVD and audio CD, try inserting an audio CD or DVD to see if that works properly. If it does, the problem may be your disk, not the optical lens.

Loading Navigation

  • If you try updating the navigation system using an updated DVD, you may get an error message saying Loading Navigation. This process can take a while, sometimes up to one hour. Try removing the Navi DVD, turning off your car, and letting it sit for one hour. After an hour, check to see if the Loading Navigation message is gone. Hopefully, the “Loading Navigation” message has disappeared, and the navigation works correctly.

Navigation activated; please wait.

  • Another error message you may see is “Navigation activated; Please Wait” This problem is typically intermittent. Such an error doesn’t store a code, so scanning for fault codes with a Star Diagnostic scanner will show no errors. Most of the time, the Mercedes dealer won’t be able to recreate this error because it randomly happens and doesn’t provide a fault code.  If this is, the case tries to turn off the COMAND system and restart it. In most cases, this is a software glitch, and restarting the COMAND will get your navigation up and running again. This can also happen if you are using a burned DVD copy, your NAVI DVD has scratches, or a bad drive optical lens may be the problem. You can try to have a professional clean the optical lens or replace the DVD / CD drive.
  • Try updating Navigation Software. Update software comes with newer navigation DVD / CD and updates the software automatically. Mercedes navigation DVDs can be purchased online if you are looking for an inexpensive alternative. Here is a listing of Mercedes Navi Disks.
Insert the NAVI DVD into the drive, press the NAV, and get an error message “Navigation cannot be activated”.
Applicable Mercedes Car Models:
G-Class G
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