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EPC Free Alternatives

mercedes benz epc online look up parts like dealerEPCnet Online is the official Mercedes-Benz software used by the dealer to look up parts. You can sign up and use the software free of charge. The subscription now costs $75 year, as of January 2016. This is not a hack and it is not illegal. The software is provided by Mercedes-Benz USA LLC to anyone residing in the United States. Below we have provided you with the link to the official EPC online page where you can sign up and start using the software. Please note that because the software is only available to users in the United States, it will require that you register and provide a credit card to verify residency. You will be charged the subscription fee on your credit card and you will have to renew your subscription every year. Below is the link to the official EPC net Online website. MercedesMedic.com is not  affiliated with EPC net Online, which is owned and operated by Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC.

Click on the external link below to visit the official EPC net Online website.

Lookup Mercedes-Benz part numbers and color code by VIN.epc login online

Free EPC Alternatives

EPC Parts Catalog
Option 1

EPC Parts Catalog
Option 2

EPC Parts Catalog
Option 3

EPC Parts Catalog
Option 4


You will be leaving MercedesMedic.com website and be forwarded to the external websites which are outside of our control.

EPC net Online will allow you to look up parts, part numbers, data card, paint code numbers, schematic diagrams and location of parts. It will not let you purchase parts directly from the website. If you need parts you will have to call your Authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer which you can do by visiting Mercedes-Benz Dealer Locator Tool.

Step by step instruction on how to sign up for EPC Online so that you can look up parts numbers by VIN number of any Mercedes-Benz.

Step 1. 
Go to EPC net Online and click on Register New User section. step 0

Step 2. Read the disclaimer and click I agree, if you agree with the Terms and Conditions. step 1

Step 3. Select the subscription. You will still need to enter a credit card but you will not be charged. Fill out all your contact information. FREE subscription is no longer offered. epc 3

Step 4 Hit continue at the bottom and you should be assigened a username that starts with EPC###.

Step 5. Go to the EPC Login Page assigned EPC#### username and the pasword you selected in step 3. login

Step 6 Click on the link to launch EPC online. 

Step 7 You will be asked to save a launchRetailFactoryEWA.jnlp  file in your computer. Go ahead and save it on your Desktop.

Step 8 Once the download of the launchRetailFactoryEWA.jnlp is completed, usually in less than 1 minute, locate the file on your desktop and double click it. If you get an error that you can’t open the file that means that you need to install or update Java. To download JAVA for free go to Java.com

Step 9 Once the application launches enter the VIN number of your car and start looking up parts. You can browse through the different categories or click on the Datacard button shown below to get all the options installed on your Mercedes-Benz for that VIN number. On the data card you can also see the engine, transmission serial numbers and paint colors. In case you were wondering, how to get Mercedes-Benz paint code from the VIN number. DATACARD EPC


If you need help on how to use EPC net, please read the online manual. By clicking the link below you will be leaving MercedesMedic and will be forwarded to the official Mercedes-Benz EPC User Manual.

EPC net User Brief Instructions – External Link

We also found this youtube user online that goes through all the steps on how to use EPC net. Watch the video below to get familiar with the software and how it is used.

Software and Hardware Requirements to run EPC net online.

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