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Common Mercedes Diesel Problems | CDI & BlueTec

Diesel Mercedes-Benz cars, SUVs, and Sprinter vans equipped with BlueTEC engines are among the most advanced diesel engines. High-pressure fuel injection systems and variable geometry turbochargers ensure optimal combustion. This gives better power output and lowers exhaust gas emissions. Clouds of black smoke on acceleration are a thing of the …

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Mercedes Crankshaft Pulley / Harmonic Balancer DIY

This tutorial covers common harmonic balancer/crankshaft pulley problems and instructions on replacing them. This is a common problem with Mercedes-Benz equipped with the M112 and M112 engines. These two engines are installed on many Mercedes-Benz models manufactured between 1995 and 2005, including E-Class, C-Class, S-Class, and ML-Class. This is a …

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Mercedes Engine Misfire Problem

Engine misfires are one of the most common problems in many Mercedes-Benz cars. Honestly, it is not because MB cars are weak in this area but because most owners forget that spark plugs are worn items that must be replaced at the recommended intervals. As soon as an engine misfire …

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Power Steering Noise Problem SOLVED

Power steering reservoir location mercedes benz

Problem When you turn the steering wheel on your Mercedes-Benz you may hear a loud squeaking or weird whining noise. The noise is a common problem, with Mercedes Benz E-Class, S-Class, C-Class, and ML-Class and it is most noticeable when you first start up the car. Typically the engine is …

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Mercedes-Benz won’t start| Step by Step Troubleshooting Guide

Can’t start or turn over your Mercedes-Benz? Are you experiencing Mercedes-Benz no-start problems? Won’t the key turn at all? Engine turns over, but the car will not start? Maybe it finally starts, runs for a few seconds, and then dies. These are common Mercedes-Benz starting problems. This comprehensive step-by-step guide …

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How to check engine oil level Mercedes-Benz – Two Methods

There are two methods to check the engine oil level on Mercedes-Benz cars. Method 1: Using the engine dipstick (omitted on some Mercedes-Benz models) Method 2: On your instrument cluster via the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel. In this article, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to check the …

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DIY Mercedes-Benz Crank No Start Crankshaft Position Sensor Problem

Problems with the Crankshaft Position Sensor (CPS) on Mercedes-Benz cars are common. If you have been experiencing stalling or no-start conditions, a failed crankshaft position sensor is often the problem. If the engine cranks, your CPS may have failed, but it will not start. At first, you may experience no-start …

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