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DIY How to troubleshoot Mercedes airmatic suspension using a Diagnostic Scanner

If you are experiencing problems with the airmatic suspension on your Mercedes-Benz don’t panic. You could troubleshoot most airmatic problems yourself using the right diagnostic scanner. While Mercedes Star Diagnostic Scanner SDS C3 or C4 is what is used at dealerships, there are other scanners that you can to use to perform Mercedes-Benz troubleshooting

Note that the generic OBD-II code readers are not able to access the airmatic control unit. The iCarsoft MB II can read the fault codes and erase it but can not perform any further airmatic tests or troubleshooting.

In this tutorial, we use Autel MaxiDAS DS708.

It can read and clear codes for all systems on Mercedes-Benz cars. It also can carry pneumatic test if you need to test the airmatic systems including air compressor or the pressure release valve.

In this video you will learn how to use a diagnostic scanner to:

  • Rear Airmatic Codes
  • Clear Air Matic Suspension Codes
  • Perform Testing of Airmatic Compressor
  • Test Pneumatic Pressure Release Valve
  • Perform suspension calibration
  • Actuation of level valves
  • Change inclination measuring level
  • Control Unit Adaptations

These test can be performed on most Mercedes-Benz equipped with airmatic suspension such as:

  • CL Class: years 2000-2006 (W215 w/ ABC):years 2007-2012 (W216 w/ Airmatic)
  • CLS Class: years 2005-2011 (W219 w/ Airmatic):years 2005-2011 CLS55AMG &CLS63AMG
  • GL Class: years 2007-2012 (W164 w/ Airmatic)
  • ML Class: years 2005-2011 (W164 w/ Airmatic): years 2005-2010 (ML63AMG)
  • R Class: years 2006-2010 (W251)
  • S Class: years 1999-2006 (W220 w/,w/o 4matic): years 2000-2006 (W220 w/ABC)
    years 2003-2006 (W220 w/ Airmatic & w/ 4matic),
    years 2007-2012 (W221 w/ Airmatic, w/o 4matic):
    years 2007-2012 (W221 w/ Airmatic, w/4matic)

There are six areas which can cause the air suspension to stop working properly. They are:

  • leveling sensor
  • relay
  • air suspension pump
  • suspension air valve block (pressure release valve)
  • lines
  • air struts/ air springs



  1. Can u use obd 2 on a Benz 2006 cls500

    • You can use it to retrieve check engine codes. Other than that you won’t be able to troubleshoot anything else with a generic code reader. You will need a multi-system scanner to troubleshoot other systems.

  2. Can u use obd 2 on a Benz 2006 cls500

    • Yes but not to diagnose airmatic. It will only tell you codes stored in the engine control unit. Any code related to the Check engine light and some generic transmission codes.

  3. Great article – do you know if the AET-I diagnostic unit can also be used to do these tests?

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