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Check for Recalls, Safety Issues, Technical Service Bulletins

This page contains a collection of important links such as: how to look up Recalls on your Mercedes-Benz, Technical Service Bulletins (TSB), Vehicle History Reports. A link to report safety concerns you have to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is included as well.

How to check for RECALLS

A recall is issued when the car manufacturer, in this case Mercedes Benz or NHTSA determine that a certain model of a Mercedes Benz has a safety defect or does not meet the federal safety standard. If there is a recall on your Mercedes Benz the manufacturer is responsible to replace or repair the defective item at no cost to you.  If a recall is issued for a specific car model the manufacturer is required to send you a letter to notify you. Recalls are mandatory, the dealer is required to repair your vehicle for free.

How to check for recalls on your Mercedes Benz? 

Recall Look up by VIN Number 

Search for Recalls, Complaints and Investigations

Check by VIN if your Mercedes Benz recall has been completed

Want to get notified if new recalls come out in the future? 

Subscribe to get future Recall Notification by e-mail


Check for Technical Service Bulletins

A TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) is released when a known problem has been reported too frequently for a specific car model. A TSB can also be issued by manufacturer to notify your local dealer on procedures, modifications required or parts impacted by the TSB. TSBs are only covered by the dealer if the car is within the warranty period. If the car is outside of the warranty period, in most cases you will have to pay for the repair. In some cases the dealer offers to complete the TSB repairs for free. They are not mandatory repairs like the recalls.

Check Vehicle History Report by VIN

If you are looking to check the history report of the car such as accidents, salvage history, title records, insurance records and check the last reported mileage on your Mercedes-Benz you may want to use a VIN report service. History reports on AutoCheck and CarFax run $19.99 and $39.99 respectively. The best deal we have found on history reports is VinAudit.com  at $4.99 per report.

File a Safety Complaint

You can file a complaint regrading any issue or problem that you are experiencing with your Mercedes-Benz. If you report a problem and so do a lot of other owners then NHTSA may initiate an investigation. So if you do like to file one please check out.

File a Vehicle Safety Complaint with the Highway Administration. 

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