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how to play music via bluetooth on a mercedes benz

How to play music from iPhone Android in a Mercedes car

play music in mercedes speakersIn this article, we will show you how to wirelessly stream music from your phone to your Mercedes car stereo.  This method connects your iPhone / iPod / Android wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. The only requirement for this to work is that your Mercedes-Benz must have the 30 pin iPod / iPhone adapter. You will be able to stream music via your existing car speakers and control your phone with the buttons on the steering wheel or COMAND head unit. This method allows you to stream music not only from any Apple product but also Android or any other Bluetooth compatible device.


  • Wirelessly play music from your iPod/iPad/iPhone/Android via Bluetooth.
  • No need to manually plug a phone into 30-pin connector to play music.
  • Automatic reconnect every time you enter the vehicle. You can still use the original or aftermarket Bluetooth phone handsfree in your car and stay connected for music playback at the same time. 
  • Browse, skip and control sounds using original Mercedes steering wheel and COMAND buttons. 
  • Plug and Play. Easy installation. Just plug into your cars existing iPod socket and pair phone. 
  • Display your music library on your Mercedes COMAND screen. Some limitations apply. 


  • Mercedes cars such as CLK, SL, SLK, E-Class, S-Class, C-Class, ML-Class, R-Class, GL-Class, etc. equipped with original or aftermarket “30-pin type” iPod adapter.


How to stream music from your iPhone / iPad / Android in a Mercedes

Step 1

Find the 30-pin iPod cable. The 30-pin cable is usually located in the glove box or central armrest of your Mercedes-Benz. how to play music via bluetooth on a mercedes benzNote that these adapters will also work with most aftermarket iPod integrations.

Step 2

Plug the 30-pin iPod cable into the Bluetooth adapters that you have purchased.play music via bluetooth on a mercedes benzhow to play music from iphone via bluetooth in a mercedes benz class

Step 3

Turn ignition to position II and turn on the COMAND head unit. The Bluetooth adapter will automatically power on. The blue light in the Bluetooth adapter will turn on. Your adapter is in pairing mode.how to play music from android via bluetooth in a mercedes benz

Step 4

Go to “Settings” menu on your Android / iPhone / iPod/ iPad and select Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is on.pair phone with mercedes via bluetooth to play music audio

Step 5

Search for Bluetooth devices. You will see either CarPro or Bovee in the search results depending on the device that you are using.search for bluetooth device

Step 6

Tap the Bluetooth device you want to pair. Enter PIN wich will either be “0000” or “1234” Once the pairing is completed, you should be able to play music from your phone.

Upon installation of the Bluetooth adapter, you will be able to stream music from the following devices.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android smartphone
  • Any Bluetooth compatible device

Things to keep in mind

  • You don’t need to pair your Bluetooth adapter every time. It will reconnect automatically next time you start up your Mercedes-Benz. The device will reconnect with the last phone device it was paired to.
  • When you turn off the engine, the Bluetooth adapter will turn off and the Bluetooth connectivity will be broken. This is normal operation.
  • Turn the volume up on your phone if the volume is too low on the car speakers.

Watch a video on how to play music from your phone on a Mercedes

Will the Bluetooth adapter automatically connect when you get into the car?

  • When you turn on the COMAND it will automatically power on Bluetooth adapter which will pair to the last device that it used.

The volume is too low. How can I fix it?

  • Please make sure that the volume in your phone is at the maximum when you play music.

Can I use the hands-free for phone calls when using the Bluetooth adapter?

  • Yes. Your phone can be paired to the Hands Free of the Mercedes and Bluetooth adapter at the same time.  If your phone rings, the music will automatically stop.  Once the phone call has ended the music will begin playing automatically.

Can I play music from Pandora or Youtube?

  • Yes. Any music you play on your phone will be routed to your Mercedes speakers. Which means you can play music from Pandora and YouTube. Note that these Bluetooth adapters may not support the steering wheel forward or back buttons when using Pandora or YouTube.

Does this mean now I can use my Android phone?

  • Yes. Now you don’t have to be limited to iPods only. You can pair any Bluetooth device that you like.  Note that the music list may not be displayed on the car’s COMAND screen. You will be able to use the steering wheel controls for track forward and track back will work with music on your phone.

Does the CarPro work with iPhone 6, 7 or 8 or with the latest IOS?

  • Yes.

Will the Bluetooth adapter work if it is in the glove box and the door is closed?

  • Yes, the Bluetooth signal will go through the glove box and you will be able to stream your music.

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  1. Hi, I have a 2006 glk500. It has a indash cd and a 6 cd unit in the glove box. I think that it is being used for the 30 pin adapter. I would like to play my apple smart phone music library thru the car audio syste.

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