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Mercedes Remote Engine Start DIY Kits using factory key fob

With winter just around the corner, you may wonder if installing a remote engine starter on your Mercedes-Benz is possible. If you have a Mercedes-Benz mbrace then you are lucky as you can use your smartphone to remote start your Mercedes-Benz. Even if you don’t have mbrace installed, you can still install an aftermarket kit that will allow you to remote start your Mercedes-Benz.

Due to the security features installed on your car, you can’t install a universal $50 remote engine start kit. Most installation shops won’t be able to install remote engine start on your MB if they don’t have a kit designed specifically for Mercedes-Benz cars.

List of remote engine starts kits that work on Mercedes-Benz

1. iDatalink ADSBZ

remote engine start mercedes benz e c s classOne remote engine start kit that works on Mercedes-Benz and will allow you to remote start your Mercedes-Benz is the iDatalink ADSBZ1 two-way MB Remote Starter Kit. The main advantage of this kit is that it is a plug-and-play remote starter kit. It comes with a remote with a coverage of up to 3000 ft, or you can use the factory Mercedes-Benz key fob. If you use the factory keyfob, the range is limited, and you must press the LOCK button three times to start or stop your car.

If you need to download the installation manual for iDatalink ADSBZ1.

While this remote starter kit is plugged in and played, you will still need to know how to locate the different components on your car to plug this unit. You will also need a flash link adapter for your specific Mercedes-Benz model on the remote starter kit. Some sellers can flash the correct firmware for you before they ship the unit.

Below is a video on remotely starting a Mercedes-Benz C-class with the iDatalink kit installed.

You could also use the iDatastart ADS-BZ3 if you would like to use your smartphone to start your Mercedes-Benz. If you go this route, you must also install the Drone Mobile app, which allows you to control your Mercedes-Benz via your smartphone.  Watch how this setup works.

These instructions work on newer Mercedes-Benz models such as the C-Class, S-Class, E-Class, ML-Class, CLS-Class, etc.

2. SmartKey Starter

The SmartKey Starter systems allow you to enable remote start capability to most Mercedes-Benz cars from 2003 to the present. It uses the factory remote and the panic button to start the remote. This is also a plug-and-play unit that independent shops near you can install. You will need to have an experienced technician install this kit for you. You may be able to install this kit yourself as well if you are technically inclined.


Have you used an aftermarket Mercedes remote engine start kit? Use the comments below to let us and other Mercedes-Benz owners know of other possible options.

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