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Vibrations and shaking inside the cabin of a Mercedes Benz

Problem: Interior Vibrations Are you feeling vibrations inside the cabin of your Mercedes? Often MB owners feel seat vibrations that can’t be explained because the car runs great in most cases. Vibrations may be felt on the steering wheel or dash and are most noticeable when stopped at a red …

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M272 Balance Shaft, Timing Chain Repair

The M272 engine, used in some Mercedes-Benz vehicles, is known for having issues with the balance shaft and timing chain. Here’s some information about repairing these components: Balance shaft: The balance shaft in the M272 engine is prone to failure due to a design flaw. The shaft is supported by …

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Mercedes-Benz Check Engine Oil level E-Class & CLK Class

Mercedes-Benz removed the oil dipstick from the engine in several models. To check the oil level, you must access the menu in the instrument cluster. The procedures are slightly different for each model, but if you look at a few videos below, you can measure your engine oil level on …

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Mercedes-Benz DIY Complete Oil Change Instructions

This how-to article will give you step-by-step instructions on changing the oil and filter on your Mercedes-Benz. With oil changes costing over $200, no wonder so many Mercedes-Benz owners want to do their oil changes. We recommend you use the same oil and filter used by the dealer. Links to …

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