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Power Steering Noise Problem SOLVED


When you turn the steering wheel on your Mercedes-Benz you may hear a loud squeaking or weird whining noise. The noise is a common problem, with Mercedes Benz E-Class, S-Class, C-Class, and ML-Class and it is most noticeable when you first start up the car. Typically the engine is cold. Can often be heard when you are at a stop light. Generally, the noise is worse when you turn the steering wheel and goes away once you drive off. The power steering makes an unmistakable noise that experienced mechanics can distinguish in a matter of seconds.

The noise is very unique and no other component in your car will make a similar noise to the power steering pump. Some may describe the noise as:

  • whirring
  • whining
  • squeaking
  • groaning
  • whine

Common Issues

Any of the following situations can be caused by the power steering pump.

  • Power Steering Noise When Turning
  • Power Steering Whine
  • Power Steering Pump Noise
  • Power Steering Noise When Cold
  • Power Steering Noise when turning left or right
  • Power Steering Noise at Idle


There could be multiple reasons why you hear a power steering noise from your engine. Here is a list of the most common issues.

  • Low Power Steering Fluid – A most common problem
  • Power Steering Pump Defective
  • Power Steering Fluid Leak
  • Design of the pump
  • Air trapped in the power steering system
  • PS Bearings

How does the Power Steering sound when low in fluid?

Watch the video on this page to hear the noise that this power steering pump makes. PS reservoir has a low power steering fluid level.


If your power steering fluid is low, getting rid of the annoying loud noise is as easy as adding more power steering fluid. Top up the power steering fluid in less than 5 minutes.

Low power steering fluid could be caused by small seepage over the year or by a large power steering leak that needs to be addressed if you have to add power steering fluid every month.

To add power steering fluid, remove the power steering cap and notice the dipstick on the bottom part of the cap. You could measure the ps fluid level with the engine cold or hot. There are high and low marks for both conditions. Power steering fluid level min max mercedes benz

Make sure to use the recommended power steering fluid for Mercedes-Benz. You can save on the cost of the power steering fluid by buying it online.  See the recommendations below or check your owner’s manual. 

Recommended power steering fluid for Mercedes-Benz

GPower Steering Fluid for Mercedes Benzulf ATF MX – Gulf Oil International, London/ENGLAND
Fuchs Titan PSF – Fuchs Petrolub AG, Mannheim/Deutschland Liqui Moly LENKGETRIEBE- ÖL 3100 – Liqui Moly GmbH, Ulm/Deutschland
Megol Lenkgetriebeoel Stability – Meguin GmbH & Co. KG Mineraloelwerke, Saarlouis/Deutschland
MB 236.3 Lenkgetriebeöl – P/N A 000 989 88 03 Daimler AG, Stuttgart/Deutschland

Power Steering Stop Leak

If you have a power steering leak, we would recommend that you repair the leak instead of using a power steering stop leak. If the repair is too expensive or you are just trying to buy some time, you may want to consider a stop leak additive. Keep in mind that this is not a permanent solution and you will eventually need to fix the leak the right way. A highly rated power steering stop leak is the Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak Additive which also stops rack and pinion leaks.

They stop leak work by restoring dried, cracked, and shrunken rubber seals. We recommend that you always check the power steering stop leak compatibility with your vehicle.


  1. Yes I have a customers car 2011 R350 with power steering noise. it is a rattling noise from the P.S.
    pump. bought a reman from Mercedes Benz. fluid in system not tinted flushed system installed pump from Mercedes ran 10 min and rattle noise returned with the new pump? Is there a filter in the rack that is not flowing? Not to my knowledge. Any suggestions/

  2. Great information Thank You

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