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install new egr mixing chamber

Remove / install mixing chamber EGR Valve 220 CDI Engine


This guide will show you how to replace the mixing chamber. This applies to the OM612 and OM611 engines.


1999 W210 E-Class and 2000 W203 C-Class 220 CDI

2000 W90x Sprinter and G-Wagen G 270 CDI

Parts Required

New Mixing Chamber and Gasket.

Removal/Installation Instructions

  1. Disconnect the battery negative terminal. Disconnect battery negative terminal
  2. Open the hood of your Mercedes-Benz.
  3. Locate the charge air distribution pipe. Remove the vacuum hoses. Remove the charge air hose from the mixing chamber.Mixing chamber location egr 22o mercedes diesel
  4. Remove the bolts that hold the mixing chamber on the charge air distribution pipe. Make sure to remove the gasket carefully.remove bolts and vacum line from egr
  5. Remove the old EGR / Mixing Chamber. Install the new mixing chamber in reverse order. Ensure that all surfaces are clean. remove old egr valve mixing chamber
  6. Inspect the condition of the old EGR/ Mixing chamber. bad mixing chamber causing engine problems
  7. It is recommended that you replace the old gasket. You need to make sure there will not be any leakage at the gasket.install new egr mixing chamber
  8. Tighten the bolts that hold the mixing chamber. If you are using a torque wrench, tighten to 11 Nm.


Once you replace the EGR/ Mixing chamber and reconnect the vacuum hoses, it is time to start up your Mercedes-Benz. The engine should run smoother, and you should also see an improvement in fuel economy after this repair. Note that you may have to crank up the engine a couple of times to get it to start after you complete this repair.


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