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Mercedes Benz Offset 16mm or 17mm Engine Mount Wrench

If you plan on replacing the engine mounts (motor mounts) on your Mercedes-Benz, you must have an offset engine mount wrench. This 12-point wrench allows you to access the top bolt on the engine mount easily.  Don’t even bother trying to replace the engine mounts without this tool. It will save you significant time and aggravation. You can purchase the Mercedes Engine Mount Tool on Amazon or eBay for little.

Note: The 16mm wrenches are for most of the models after 2000. The 17mm tool works on models before 2000.
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W220, W210, W203, W219, W221, W211, W204 W140, W210, W202, W126, W124, W201, W170

To use the offset tool you will need a long 3/8 extension and a ratchet.

The top bolt is very long, and once you loosen it up, it takes a while to remove even with the tool. To make it easier on yourself, loosen the top bolt with the engine mount offset tool, then use a stubby 5/8 combination ratcheting wrench to remove the bolt. Doing it this way is much easier and faster.
mercedes offset engine mount tool 16mm 17mm

You don’t need any special tools for the bottom bolt of the engine mount. There is a 13 bolt that can be easily removed from underneath the engine.

The wrenches are about 3 inches long and provide a perfect offset for access. With a 3/8″ fitting at one end, your ratchet and extension allow access to those hard-to-reach upper engine mount bolts. This tool is a life and money saver.

If you need further help replacing the engine mount on your Mercedes-Benz, read this article.

How to replace Engine Mount / Motor Mounts on a Mercedes-Benz. 

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