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Check for Recalls, Safety Issues, Technical Service Bulletins

This page contains essential links, such as: how to look up Recalls on your Mercedes-Benz, Technical Service Bulletins (TSB), and Vehicle History Reports. A link to report safety concerns to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is also included. How to check for RECALLS A recall is issued when the …

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DIY How to repair a windshield rock chip bull’s eye for $10

Easy step-by-step picture and video instructions on repairing your windshield rock chip/bull’s eye. Repairing a windshield rock chip takes about 30 minutes. Even if you are repairing for the first time. So go ahead, do it all yourself; it’s easy.  It is better to repair a rock chip to prevent …

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DAS Xentry C3 C4 Diagnostic Software, Resources, Wiki

What is Xentry DAS Diagnostics? Xentry DAS (Diagnostic Assistance System) is the complete diagnosis system used to troubleshoot Mercedes-Benz car problems and is the official Mercedes-Benz dealer software. It can configure, reprogram, initialize new components, program, perform guided tests, and read or erase fault codes in any system, including AirMatic, …

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Top 10 Best Diagnostic Scanners Mercedes-Benz

best Mercedes Benz obd2 scanner

If you like to do your auto repair, you may ask yourself: What is the best and cheapest car diagnostic tool that works? We had the experts at Mercedes Medic list the top ten scanners based on price and functionality. Some of these scanners work only with Mercedes-Benz cars, but …

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Recommended Maintenance by Mileage / Year

mercedes jump start

Have you ever wondered what maintenance you should perform on your Mercedes Benz at a specific mileage? Follow these recommended service intervals and avoid things like this:   This is a rotor on an ML that I worked on. This Mercedes Benz was driven for a long time without any …

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Mercedes-Benz SRS Malfunction Airbag Light On Troubleshooting

Is the SRS / Airbag Warning Light coming ON in your Mercedes Benz instrument cluster? Are you getting a warning message: Restraint System Defect! SRS Visit Workshop! Two of the main reasons why the SRS malfunction comes on are a dead battery or SOS TeleAid system problems. Keep on reading to understand …

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