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W219 (2004-2010)

How to replace front lower foreward control arm E CLS Class W211

Step by step instructions on how to replace the lower foreward control arm. If you need to replace the front reardward control arm then check out this article. Parts Needed:  Front Lower Control Arm Forward/ Thrust Arm / Torque Strut . Left Control Arm Part Number (Front, RWD only): 2113304311 Right Control Arm …

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DIY How to repair a windshield rock chip bull’s eye for $10

Easy step-by-step picture and video instructions on how to repair your windshield rock chip / bull’s eye. Repairing a windshield rock chip takes about 30 minutes. Even if you are doing the repair for the first time. So go ahead, do it all yourself, it’s easy.  It is better to repair a …

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Pair Android iPhone Bluetooth Phone with Mercedes Benz

Are you trying to pair your Bluetooth enabled smartphone with your Mercedes Benz? You should be able to do so on most newer Mercedes Benz cars made after 2010. First you need to make sure you have Bluetooth in your car. Next you can follow the instructions below on how to …

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