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How to Check Automatic Transmission Fluid Level Mercedes Benz

check trans oil level benzHow to check the transmission fluid level on your Mercedes Benz? You have come to the right place. If you were wondering, a low fluid transmission could show the same symptoms as a defective transmission. The transmission will slip or get stuck in gear when it is low on fluid. When the transmission gets stuck in gear is called the limp mode. If you have problems with your transmission, you first need to check the fluid level. Don’t spend money on anything, even transmission diagnosis, before you check the transmission oil level.

You will need a special transmission dipstick to check the transmission fluid level in a Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes Benz cars don’t come with a transmission dipstick. Don’t worry; you can get Transmission Fluid Dipstick 140589152100 for your Mercedes Benz on Amazon for under $20 and free shipping.

Instructions on how to check transmission fluid on a Mercedes Benz. Step by step with pictures and video.

  1. Warm up the car. To measure the transmission fluid correctly, the temperature must be at least 80 degrees Celsius. To get the transmission to that temperature, you must drive the car for 15 minutes before you check the fluid. The best way to make sure your fluid has reached the required temperature is to use a Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Non-contact Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun, Yellow/Black and point at the transmission oil pan. If you don’t want to drive the car, you can let it sit running for about 25 min for the transmission oil to reach 80 degrees Celsius.
    We are assuming there is at least some oil in the transmission. Verify there is oil in the transmission before you start the car or the warm-up procedure. 
  2. Open the hood. 
    Mercedes_ML_w163_open hood
  3. Pull the air ducts that connect to the engine cover. Grab the engine cover on both sides and pull it straight up. It is held in place with 4 clips.  engine air duct
    engine air filter removal
  4. Remove the engine cover. You only need to grab the cover on both sides and lift it up. It’s held in place with 4 clips only: no screws or bolts. 
    remove engine cover
  5. Locate the transmission fill tube. It is located between the firewall and the engine. It is hidden, so look carefully. Be careful not to mistake the engine oil tube for the transmission tube. TRANSMISSION OIL FLUID FILL CHECK TUBE MERCEDES BENZ
  6. Remove the transmission fill tube cap. First, you will need to brake off the transmission red lock pin. This is what it looks like. You must brake off the red lock pin before pulling out the black cap you see below. If you don’t have the red lock pin, that means someone had checked the fluid before and didn’t install the red lock pin.  
  7. Place the car in R or D. You can place the shifter in the reverse or drive position.  Make sure to press the parking/emergency brakes. We prefer to put the car in reverse. It would be wise to have someone stay in the car and hold the brakes while you check the fluid level or place some block behind the wheel. You don’t want to rely on the parking brakes only.
  8. Measure the transmission fluid level. See the video below.
    YouTube video

    The transmission dipstick should show a level between the low and high 80-degree mark.
  9. Add Mercedes-Benz-approved transmission fluid. If you find out that you are low in fluid, then add some. You add fluid through the tube you used to check the transmission fluid level. You want to add the Mercedes Benz Approved  Automatic Transmission Fluid 236.14 for use with the 5-Speed 722.6 & 7-Speed 722.9 Transmission. Mercedes part# 001 989 68 03 13
  10. Check the level again. You want to double-check the fluid level. If you must add fluid, you must check the level again. You don’t want to overfill the transmission fluid level, which could cause shifting issues. If you accidentally added more transmission oil than you should have, you can use a 12V Fluid Oil Extractor Scavenge Suction Transfer Pump w/ Hose
  11. Install the transmission tube cap and red lock pin. If your level is fine, install the cap and the red lock pin. Since you had to break the red lock pin off, you must replace it with a new one. They are only a few dollars on Amazon.
  12. Install the engine cover back on.
  13. That’s it. DONE!




  1. Hi just bought a B180 sport auto, drove home and he Transmission contact workshop warning light came on, went into limp mood, stopped at petrol station then reset ignition was fine for a while then same again happened

  2. Hi
    I have a Mercedes Aclass and ots showing me ESP incooreparive and then run flat uncooperative.
    Thencar doesnt move over 40miles.

  3. Hi I have a Mercedes c200 automatic and when in drive mode it is not changinger I think it’s in limp mode I had a macanic come and check with his machine and he told me that the solanoid in the gearbox is faulty his that true or is he trying to rip me off please can you help me I am a pensioner he said I need another gearbox

    • Yes the solenoids in the transmission valve body do fail. You don’t need a new transmission. Just replace the valve body.

  4. Would you recommend adding Lucas transmission fluid stabilizer?

    • Only on a high mileage Mercedes. If the transmission has started to act up no additive will fix mechanical wear. At least not for long.

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