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How to replace front lower foreward control arm E CLS Class W211

Step-by-step instructions on how to replace the lower forward control arm. Check out this article if you need to replace the front rearward control arm.

Parts Needed:  Front Lower Control Arm Forward/ Thrust Arm / Torque Strut.

  • Left Control Arm Part Number (Front, RWD only): 2113304311
  • Right Control Arm Part Number ( Front, RWD only): 2113304411Front Lower Control Arm W211 E Class 2003-2012



  • E Class ( E320, E350, E550, E500 E63)  Years: 2003-2009
  • CLS Class (CLS550, CLS63 AMG, CLS 500) Years: 2005-2010


  1. Loosen the lug nuts before you raise the car.w211_e320_e500_front_control_arm_diy_45
  2. Raise the car. Make sure to use jack stands and not only just a jack.w211_e320_e500_front_control_arm_diy_05
  3. Remove the front wheel.w211_e320_e500_front_control_arm_diy_55
  4. Remove the wheel plastic covers / trim panels on the front section of the wheel. w211_e320_e500_front_control_arm_remove front wheel_panel_trim
  5. Remove the bolt from the ball joint at the steering knuckle.
    Remove nut at the steering knuckle and press radius rod out of steering knuckle.
    Remove the nut at the steering knuckle and press the radius rod out of the steering knuckle.
  6. Remove the nut from the bolt where the control arm/torque strut connects to the frame. You will have to counter-hold the bolt on the backside. w211_e320_e500_front_control_arm_diy_13
  7. Pull out the bolt and push out the control arm. w211_e320_e500_front_control_arm_diy_15
  8. Install the new front lower fore-ward control arm. Torque the bolt to 85Nm.w211_e320_e500_front_control_arm_diy_74
  9. Connect the control arm to the steering knuckle. Torque the bolt to 90 Nm. w211_e320_e500_front_control_arm_diy_78Install the wheel back on. Take your car for a spin. 

Symptoms of lousy front lower forward control arm: 

  • A sign of a lousy control arm (torque strut) is a thump/knock when you hit the brakes quickly.
  • Squeaking


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