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Teleaid SOS Malfuction Warning Mercedes Benz SOLVED

tele aid sos not activatedIs your Mercedes-Benz greeting you with an “SOS TeleAid not Activated” or “SOS Defective Please Visit Workshop” warning on your Instrument Cluster? The message is displayed because TeleAid has become obsolete as it uses analog cellular coverage, which no longer exists as of February 2008.  Mercedes Benz no long provides TeleAid service; they have now switched to Mercedes-Benz mbrace.

You can disable this warning message from displaying on your Instrument Cluster.

  • Disable TeleAid in your Mercedes-Benz using Star Diagnostic Tool. Instructions on how to program TeleAid Unit are included below.
  • You can switch from Tele Aid to Mercedes Benz mbrace. To get more info, start by calling Mercedes Benz at 1-866-990-9007. You may need to visit your dealer to upgrade your TeleAid.

What is TeleAid SOS?

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TeleAid is an emergy response system. Tele Aid connects you to a live person at the Mercedes-Benz roadside assistance center, available 24/7.  This service is free for new car owners when activated within the first 90 days of purchase. It connects the driver to Mercedes Benz roadside assistance using cellular technology and GPS to locate your vehicle. Tele Aid system is also used to send crash data in case of an accident. TeleAid required a subscription. The Federal Communication Commission ruled that after February of 2008, wireless phone carriers, which TeleAid utilizes for communication, are no longer required to provide analog network support. This requirement made the TeleAid system obsolete.  For this reason, we have included instructions on how to clear the Teleaid SOS warning with the STAR Diagnostic tool. In case you are wondering, Star Diagnostic is the scanner that the dealer uses to troubleshoot any system in your car, and it is specific to Mercedes Benz cars. These units are pricey but well worth it if you can afford one. You can buy one on Amazon, link here.

If you don’t have access to the Star Diagnostic Tool, you can have your Mercedes Benz dealer perform DTB P-B-82.95/636a, 03/24/2009 Supersedes: P-B-82.95/636 dated Oct. 29, 2008 “Instrument Cluster Message – “SOS TeleAid not Activated”

SRS Airbag Defective Warning could be triggered when the TELE AID malfunction is displayed. The reason is that the car also uses the TELE AID system to send crash data in case of an accident. Once you change the configuration for Tele Aid to Not Present, you should also check the Air Bag Control Unit with Star Diagnostic and reset the fault code related to TeleAid.

Disable TeleAid SOS Malfunction Warning using Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostic

Using Star Diagnostic you will need to change TeleAid coding from PRESENT to NOT PRESENT. By using these instructions, you understand that TeleAid will not be available in case of an emergency. 

  • Model 203, 209, 210 C CLK E Class: In Star Diagnosis: Control Units –> Information and communication –> ICM – Instrument cluster with maintenance interval display –> Troubleshooting using complaints or symptoms –> Messages from the emergency call system are displayed in the instrument cluster.
  • Model 211 E Class: In Star Diagnosis: Control Units –> Body –> CGW (Central Gateway) –> Control Unit Adaptations –> Read Coding and Change if Necessary –> Telecommunications –> Telematics Service “Tele Aid” in combination with MOST technology.
  • Model 220 S Class: In Star Diagnosis, please navigate through the following menus: Control Units –> Information and communication –> ICM – Instrument cluster with maintenance interval display –> Control unit adaptations –> Variant Coding –> Special Equipment –> TELE AID or E-Call

Tele AID Buttons in a Mercedes Benz

In your Mercedes-Benz, you have three buttons. They will only work if you have TeleAid or Mercedes Benz mbrace subscription. Here is what their purpose is:

SOS button – use if you need emergency aid.

The “i” button is used if you need information

Wrench button – Use it if you need Emergency Roadside Assistance

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Can I continue TeleAid Service?

Yes. If you want to use the TeleAid service, you must upgrade the analog TeleAid unit to a digital TeleAid. Most likely at your own cost. Ask your Mercedes – Benz dealer to upgrade as described in S-I-82.95/543A. You may be able to switch from Tele Aid to Mercedes Benz mbrace if you already have the digital TeleAid system installed. You will also need a subscription. To start this procedure, call Mercedes Benz at 1-866-990-9007.

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