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How to upgrade the front grille on a Mercedes Benz.

How to Upgrade Mercedes Benz Front Hood Grille

How to upgrade the front grille on a Mercedes Benz.
How to upgrade the front grille on a Mercedes Benz.

We will show you how easy it is to upgrade the front of your Mercedes Benz to look modern. These step-by-step directions will show you how to remove and replace a Mercedes Benz’s front hood grill assembly.  Let’s get to work because you are probably tired of the old-style black grill and can’t wait to upgrade the grille to the chrome design, the mesh style, or the AMG style Grille.

Wondering where to find a cool-looking grill for your Mercedes Benz? We know where. We found some of the best-looking Mercedes Benz grilles on Amazon; see the link below.

These instructions are shown on an ML, but all Mercedes Benz cars’ steps are similar. At the bottom of the page, we have included some videos on replacing the grill on a W204 and W164 Mercedes-Benz.


  • Step 1: Open the hood. Open the driver’s door and pull on the hood release. Mercedes_ML_w163_open hood
  • Step 2: Pull the hood release handle and lift the hood. Mercedes_ML_w163_front_grille_hood release
  • Step 3: Remove the spring shown in the picture. ml-class-front-grille-upgrade-mercedes-benz04
  • Step 4: Pull out the pin (shown in red in the picture above) and remove the hood release handle.
    If you broke or need to replace the hood release handle, now is a good time. Here is a link to Amazon if you need a hood release pull release handle. 
  • Step 5 (optional): Do not accidentally close now that you have removed the hood release handle. If you close the hood (like we did), you must get a wire hanger and use it to pull the hood release. See the picture below. ml-class-front-grille-upgrade-mercedes-benz07
  • Step 6: Remove the screws on the back of the grille. Remove the grille from the hood. It comes right off once all the screws are out. ml-class-front-grille-upgrade-mercedes-benz03ml-class-front-grille-upgrade-mercedes-benz10
  • Step 7: Don’t worry about this step if your grille comes with the Mercedes Benz star emblem logo. If it didn’t, you need it to remove it from the old grille. Just twist the star clockwise, and it should come off. Install it by twisting it clockwise. You may also need to transfer over the clips that the screws fasten to. ml-class-front-grille-upgrade-mercedes-benz11
  • Step 8: Install the clips that you removed from the old grille on the new one. Then place the new grille on the hood. Make sure to put back all the screws. ml-class-front-grille-upgrade-mercedes-benz12
  • Step 9: Install the hood release handle by putting it through the grille and installing the pin and the spring you removed earlier. ml-class-front-grille-upgrade-mercedes-benz16
  • Step 10: You are done.  Congratulations!


Mercedes W204 C Class Coupe Saloon Sedan Estate Wagon C63 Style Sports Grille Fitting by CKS

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How to assemble the W204 C Class front grill.

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How to install | remove your Front Grill on Mercedes w164 in Easy Steps
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Here are some cool-looking Mercedes Benz grille kits with Amazon links.
The choice is yours:

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