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Which gas to use on Mercedes-Benz? Regular or Premium

which gas to use on mercedes

SPONSORED LINKS All Mercedes-Benz gasoline cars require Premium Unleaded Gas. At a minimum, you should use premium 91 octane gasoline or higher. Avoid using low octane gas such as: Regular Unleaded Octane 87  Plus Midgrade Unleaded Octane 89 There are no benefits to using premium gas unless your vehicles manufacturer requires …

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How to get RADIO CODE for Mercedes-Benz

Do you need the radio code for your Mercedes-Benz radio or COMAND navigation? If you had a dead battery or replaced the battery, you may need to enter the code in your radio. Follow these steps if you need the Radio Code for your Mercedes-Benz. First take a look at …

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DIY How to replace Oxygen O2 Sensor Mercedes-Benz

Step by step instructions on how to change the Oxygen O2 Sensor in your car. Is you check engine light on because of a bad oxygen sensor? You don’t have to spend your life savings to replace a defective O2 sensor. Here we will show you the steps you need to …

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EPC Net Online Lookup Mercedes-Benz parts by VIN

EPCnet Online is the official Mercedes-Benz software used by the dealer to look up parts. You can sign up and use the software free of charge. The subscription now costs $75 year, as of January 2016. This is not a hack and it is not illegal. The software is provided …

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My Key Won’t Turn Ignition Mercedes-Benz Problem

You insert the key in the ignition of your Mercedes-Benz, but nothing happens. You can’t turn the key. You can’t start the car. The main reaon why this happens is a dead battery, but it can also be several other problems which we have described below. As you insert the …

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Check for Recalls, Safety Issues, Technical Service Bulletins

This page contains a collection of important links such as: how to look up Recalls on your Mercedes-Benz, Technical Service Bulletins (TSB), Vehicle History Reports. A link to report safety concerns you have to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is included as well. How to check for RECALLS A recall is issued when the …

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DIY How to repair a windshield rock chip bull’s eye for $10

Easy step-by-step picture and video instructions on how to repair your windshield rock chip / bull’s eye. Repairing a windshield rock chip takes about 30 minutes. Even if you are doing the repair for the first time. So go ahead, do it all yourself, it’s easy.  It is better to repair a …

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