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How to open hood Instructions Mercedes-Benz E C S M Class Video

How to open the hood of a Mercedes-Benz

Knowing how to open the hood of a Mercedes-Benz can be essential in various situations, such as performing routine maintenance tasks or diagnosing mechanical issues. Here are some reasons why it’s important to know how to open a Mercedes-Benz hood:

  1. Checking Fluid Levels: Regularly checking the fluid levels, such as engine oil, coolant, and brake fluid, is essential for maintaining the vehicle’s performance and preventing mechanical issues. Opening the hood is necessary to access the fluid reservoirs and check the levels.
  2. Performing Routine Maintenance: Regular maintenance tasks, such as replacing air filters or spark plugs, require access to the engine compartment. Knowing how to open the hood is crucial for performing these tasks correctly and safely.
  3. Diagnosing Mechanical Issues: If the vehicle experiences mechanical issues, such as strange noises or poor performance, accessing the engine compartment can help diagnose the problem. Opening the hood is the first step in examining the engine and identifying the source of the problem.
  4. Emergency Situations: Knowing how to open the hood and access the engine compartment in an emergency can resolve sometimes the situation quickly and safely.

Easy instructions.

Step 1: Locate the hood release lever

Open the driver door and look under the dash, right above the parking brake. You should see the hood release handle.

Pull on the hood release.

Step 2: Pull the hood release to pop the hood up

Pull on the hood release, and you will hear the hood pop up.

open the hood of your mercedes benz

Step 3: Release the Hood Latch.

Behind the grill is the hood latch release. If you don’t see it, try lifting the hood an inch. The release should pop out. Grab and pull the release forward. Do not try to lift the hood by pushing the hood release up.

how to open mercedes trunk


Step 4: Open hood

Grab the hood and pull it up to open the hood. If the hood does not open, pull the triangle-shaped hood release and pull it forward some more.


These instructions apply to most Mercedes-Benz models, such as the E-Class, C-Class, ML-Class, S-Class, SLK, CLK, and others. A few models, such as the C-Class W204, don’t have the release through the grill; instead, you have to put your hand under the hood and move the release.

Tips & Tricks

  • To open the hood, lift by grabbing the hood on the metal part. Do not lift the hood by the hood latch release. The triangle-shaped hood release will break if you use it to lift the hood.
  • Pull the triangle-shaped hood latch release forward only and keep it pulled. Do not push the hood latch release up; only pull forward.


Frequently Asked Questions

My hood won’t open! Please help. If the hood does not release, try this.

  1. Have someone push down on the hood with both hands.
  2. While your friend is pushing down on the hood, you pull on the hood, release inside the car and keep it pulled out. 
  3. The person holding the hood down the hood can now try to lift the hood again.

Open hood warning in the dash.

If you are getting the open hood warning in your instrument cluster, you should open and try to close the hood again. Try pushing it down a little hard this time.

If you still get the warning, but the hood is closed, then you should:

  • Check and adjust the hood latches.
  • Check the hood micro-switch, especially to make sure it is not loose.

Hood Release Cable Broke. I can’t Open Hood.

If your hood release cable broke, try using aset of pliers to pull on the cable, assuming you can still see part of the cable.[

How do you open the hood of the C300?

Release the hatch lock from under the steering column. Follow the instructions above.

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