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How to replace star emblem ornament Mercedes-Benz DIY with pictures

This guide will show you how to replace and install a new hood ornament on any Mercedes-Benz car. Removing the three-pointed hood ornament or emblem from the hood of your Mercedes-Benz is an easy job. You can complete this repair in less than 15 min.

Before you get started, you will need the following:

Step-by-step instructions on how to remove and replace
Hood Star Ornament on a Mercedes-Benz 


STEP 1: Purchase a new Mercedes-Benz Ornament. If you order online, the cost for a new Mercedes-Benz hood ornament is around $30, order yours on Amazon.

New Mercedes-Benz hood ornament.
New Mercedes-Benz hood ornament.

STEP 2: Open the hood. Pull the hood release. Find the hood release under the dash on the driver’s side. Usually next to the brake pedal.

Pull on the hood release.
Pull on the hood release.

STEP 3: Locate the bottom part of the hood ornament. You should see the metal tab that is the ornament’s base and holds it in place.replace_hood_ornament_emblem_mercedes_benz_how_to_02
STEP 4: Rotate the retaining clip as shown below using your needle nose pliers.

Video on how to remove the hood ornament from a Mercedes-Benz hood. You will need to rotate it 90 degrees (1/4 turn). This will align the locking tab with the open channel in the hood. If you use a flashlight, you should be able to see the two slots in the hood.

YouTube video

STEP 5: Lower the hood and gently push up on the hood ornament.replace_hood_ornament_emblem_mercedes_benz_how_to_07
STEP 6: Install the new hood ornament by pressing it firmly into the hood. If you would like, you can also install a flat hood emblem.replace_hood_ornament_emblem_mercedes_benz_how_to_08
STEP 7: Using your pliers, lock the new ornament in place. Twist it 90 degrees or 1/4 turn to align the locking tabs with the open channel in the hood. replace_hood_ornament_emblem_mercedes_benz_how_to_10
How do so many Mercedes-Benz cars end up with a broken or missing hood emblem? Do thieves break that three-pointed star off to keep one in their homes and stare at it? Did your break while going through a car wash? Did it get stolen? Please share how you lost your hood ornament in the comments section at the bottom of the page; we all want to know.


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  1. Clearing snow off my car. Usually put it in the garage.

  2. 20 below zero a few weeks ago. I bumped into it when clearing off the snow, snapped of like a twig!

  3. Nephew was talking to his Uncle fiddling with the ornament for 15-20 minutes when it snapped off. I of course am not pleased but the kid was not watched and didn’t realize what he was doing would break it.

  4. Stupid kid was fiddling with it for quite some time while talking to his Uncle( my roommate ) and snapped it off. I’ve had the car 10 years without problems.
    Now I’ve gotta fix this so “ the kid doesn’t get in trouble”.
    Not happy one bit!

  5. Stolen… see the chugs downtown wearing them like jellewry! At least they aren’t too expensive, I used to have a porsche that the emblems would go missing on, they were easily two to three times the cost.

  6. Stolen here. It’s a bad neighbourhood with known thieves and con artists stalking about. Does anyone know if my old 1990 S124 can use more recent stars? I’ve noticed the older ones are more complex.

  7. My 98 c280 got impounded and the day i picked it up the hood ornament was just hanging in the socket and had been broken. There was absolutely no need to touch my hood in the first place. Never in my life have I been so livid!

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