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Upgrade Mercedes-Benz Key Fob Case to Chrome Shell

Mercedes-Benz key fob buttons can get damaged over time. In addition, Mercedes-Benz models manufactured before 2005 were sold with the black plastic key, which looks old.

Learn how to upgrade your old Mercedes key case to a new chrome key.

So many Mercedes owners with these old keys will often ask if they can upgrade or retrofit the key to the chrome key fob. After all, nobody wants to pay $350 for a new key.

If you already have the early version of a chrome key, you can replace the case.

If you have a black key, you can’t transfer the board from the black key to the newer version of the Mercedes chrome key. What you can do is find a shell that is designed for that specific Mercedes key. Here are a few listings for the Mercedes 3 key fob shell.

Upgrade Mercedes key fob to chrome case

  1. Purchase a redesigned Mercedes Black to Chrome shell.
  2. Remove the emergency key from your old Mercedes key.
  3. Remove the circuit board from the old key.
  4. Insert the circuit board into the new key.


Reuse the old emergency key or have a locksmith cut the blank blade to match your car. Remember, one day, you may need the emergency key to unlock the car manually.

This redesigned case is made to fit the older Mercedes-Benz keys. The casing is the same shape as the black key and fits the circuit board perfectly.

As outlined above, you remove the inner parts of your key and slide them into the new case.

The buttons will all work. Check the picture below for compatibility.

The metal (emergency key) can snap right in the new Mercedes-Benz chrome key fob.

Why you can’t upgrade the black key fob to the OEM Mercedes chrome key fob

It will not go in if you try to remove the circuit board from an older Mercedes-Benz key and insert it into the newer one.

If you try to force it, you will damage the key.

Many Mercedes-Benz owners have damaged a good key by trying to force the circuit board into another used Mercedes key shell.

During the process, one of the chips or the transmitter gets damaged because the shell is not made to fit the older key circuit board.

The cheapest and least expensive solution would be getting a chrome key shell for the black Mercedes-Benz key.

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