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Removing Airbag, Steering Wheel, Clock Spring, Turn Signal Switch on a Mercedes Benz





  • How to Remove the Steering Wheel  on a Mercedes Benz
  • How to Remove Steering Wheel Radio Control Buttons
  • How to Replace the Clock Spring
  • How to Replace the Turn Signal/ Lights Turn Cruise Switch

Required Time:

Time:  45 min


  • T30 Torx driver,
  • 10mm Allen,
  • screwdriver

 Applicable Models:

E Class, C Class, S Class, CLK Class, SLK Class, CLS Class


  • Be sure to disconnect the battery and wait 30 minutes.
  • Scanning software may be required to erase the Airbag trouble codes.
  • Handle the airbag with care and store it facing up.
  • If you open the ignition when your airbag is removed, you will get a fault code to reset. So make sure not to open the ignition during this procedure.
  • If you are taking off the clock spring: Mark the clock spring and angle position sensor.  Install the steering wheel if you rotate the angle position sensor when the steering wheel is off. The car will think you have the steering wheel rotated when driving straight. This, in effect, can cause you to get an ESP error when driving the car.

So you are looking to remove the steering wheel. Maybe you need to upgrade the steering wheel, replace the airbag or change the turn signal switch, cruise control, or clock spring. Here you will see a video on how to perform this task. This is an easy task for you if you do any car repairs.


  1. Turn your wheels to point in the straightforward position.  The steering wheel should be in the center.
  2. Extend the steering so that it’s on the outermost position.
  3. Disconnect the battery.
  4. Locate the two holes in the back of the steering wheel. They are right behind the steering wheel, typically behind the steering wheel buttons.  One is to the left, and one is to the right at 3 and 9 o’clock.  Use the T30 Torx to remove those two screws.  They may be hard to break loose.  A long Torx will be required since the screws are deep in the steering wheel.
  5. Remove the airbag. Once the two T30S are loose, the airbag comes out. You will have a few wires in the back of the airbag, so disconnect those. See the video here on MercedesMedic.com.
  6. Remove the 10 mm Allen wrench in the center of the steering wheel. You will need some help here. Someone should hold the steering wheel while you loosen the bolt. Don’t use the steering wheel lock to counteract your force, or you will cause some damage. Use a breaker bar or an extension to your wrench. This bolt is very tight.
    1. Once you remove the central bolt, mark the steering wheel’s position on the shaft.  It will help you place it back in the correct location.
    2. Pull the steering wheel out. Keep reading if you need to replace the clock spring, steering wheel angle sensor, or turn signal.
  7. Once the steering wheel is removed, you can access the clock spring. Remove the one  Torx 30 screw that’s on the bottom of the steering wheel column.
  8. Pull out the turn signal switch with the clock spring altogether.
  9. Separate the clock spring from the turning signal switch.  Three small Torx screws keep the clock spring on the turn signal body together.
    1. Make sure you mark the position of the clock spring and the steering angle sensor. Don’t rotate it 360 degrees or you will get an ESP error when driving the car.
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Airbag Light On After Replacing Steering Wheel, Airbag, or Clock Spring

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