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how to program mercedes garage door opener

How to program Mercedes Garage Door Opener

Mercedes-Benz Garage Door Programing

Mercedes-Benz cars come with integrated garage door openers.  This tutorial will show you how to program the Mercedes-Benz garage door opener. The Mercedes-Benz garage door opener can be programmed to work with almost all garage door remotes. Mercedes-Benz garage door buttons work with both single-code and rolling garage openers.

How to program Mercedes Garage Door Opener

Step 1: (If you have programmed a garage door opener to your Mercedes-Benz and want to keep it, skip this step.) Press the two buttons on the bottom of the rearview mirror. Hold the buttons pressed for at least 20 seconds. What this does is it will clear all previously programmed garage doors from the memory of your Mercedes-Benz. You should see the small LED light next to the buttons turns on. The garage door openers may be integrated into the sun visor on some older MB cars. The procedures are similar.how to program mercedes garage door opener remote

remote programing mercedes garage door openerStep 2: Next, release the buttons you were holding pressed. Decide which button you would like to use for your garage. Press the button you would like to use until the small LED light turns YELLOW.  The release button on the rearview mirror. The yellow light should start to flash.

Step 3: Press the button on your garage door opener and continue to hold it. Ensure the garage remote is a few inches from the rearview mirror.

Step 4: Once the programming is complete, the light turns GREEN and stays ON constantly. If your garage door uses a rolling code, the light will flash.  If you have a rolling code garage door system, you need to continue with the programming steps.

Step 5: Go to your garage door opener. On the back, you will find a button that says the following: Learn, Synchronize, Program, Train.  You will need to press this button and hold it. Look up the garage door opener to see how long you must press this button to start the synchronization procedure. If your garage door opener also has a light next to the Program button, hold it down until you see this light turn on.

Step 6: Once you have set your garage door opener in programming mode, return to your Mercedes-Benz and press the button on the rearview mirror for two seconds. This has to be the same button that you decided to use in step 2. What do the Green and Red lights mean?


When you successfully program your Mercedes garage door opener, the LED light next to the buttons on the bottom of the rearview mirror will turn GREEN.


If synchronization between the garage door opener and the Mercedes remote fails, the LED light will flash red or orange. If that is the case, you should repeat the procedure.

We are talking about the green and red light on the bottom of the rearview mirror and not at a stop signal. 🙂

How to CLEAR the garage door opener memory?

If you plan on selling your Mercedes-Benz, you should always clear the garage door opener programming. Press and hold the two outside garage door opener buttons for 30 seconds. Once the light flashes, the memory will be cleared.

Mercedes garage door opener isn’t working?

Did you try the programming steps, and the garage door opener is still not working? Try the programming instructions one more time. Get the car within 10 or 15 feet of the garage door opener. Make sure you start the procedure all over and complete the steps as quickly as possible. Turn off the ignition, then turn on and start the programming instructions. If you are still having problems, you may also want to look at the instructions provided by Mercedes-Benz.

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