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How to Synchronize Mercedes Windows & Sunroof

Re-synchronization of your Mercedes-Benz windows and sunroof may be required if your sunroof and windows don’t work properly. This is a simple procedure that needs to be performed after you disconnect or replace the battery. Or if your battery died or is not holding a proper charge. The newer Mercedes-Benz cars come standard with convenience closing windows and one touch auto close feature.

How do you know you need to carry the window and sunroof re-sync?

  • Mercedes windows or sunroof does not close properly.
  • MB window closes and then drops an inch or a few centimeters.
  • The express up or down (one-touch) feature does not work.
  • Either the windows or the sunroof seems to require several clicks when closing or opening.

How do you re-synchronize Mercedes windows?

  1. Close all the doors of your car. This is very important. Otherwise, re-syncinginstructions on how to diy window re synchronization mercedes benz will not work.
  2. Put the key to position 1 or 2. Do not start the car.
  3. Pull the window button to the first position (the first click on the button) until the window completely closes. Hold for 2-5 seconds until you hear a click.
  4. Check if the one-touch feature and the other problems are fixed. If not, repeat step 3 until they are.
  5. Do the same for each window.

Alternative steps if the re-synch procedure doesn’t work.

  1. Close all the doors
  2. With the key in position 1 or 2, push the window button until it is completely open. Hold the button for 5 seconds.
  3. Pull it up to close and hold again for another 5 seconds.
  4. Check to see if the problem is fixed. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed.

Try these steps as soon as you turn the key to position II. If these procedures fail look it up in your owner’s manual. There you will find the window and ECU reset procedures for your Mercedes-Benz model and specific class.

How do you re-sync your sunroof?how to synchronize mercedes window sunroof after battery replacement diy

  1. Close all your car’s doors.
  2. Put the key to position II.
  3. Don’t start the car.
  4. Open the sunroof all the way. It may require that you press the sunroof open switch several times.
  5. Once you reach the fully open position, continue to HOLD the sunroof switch in the OPEN position until hearing a click. If you don’t hear the click make sure to hold the switch for up to 5 seconds.
  6. Next, close the sunroof and again hold the switch for 5 seconds when you reach the closed position
  7. Check if the problem has been fixed. If not, repeat steps 4 through 6.

You may also try these steps:

  1. With your key in position 1 or 2 and all doors closed, press the sunroof button to the tilt position and hold it for 5 seconds.
  2. Push the button towards the rear seats and hold it for 5 seconds.
  3. Push the button forward and hold again for 5 seconds.
  4. Push it toward the bottom and hold it for 5 seconds.
  5. Check if the sunroof is working properly again. Repeat steps 1-4 as needed.

FAQ on How to Synchronize Windows on a Mercedes-Benz

All of my windows work and go up and down except one. What could it be? 

In this case the problem could be the window switch or the window regulator.

I am replacing the battery for the first time, what should I keep in mind?

  • You will need to carry the steps provided in this article to auto-adjust/synchronize the windows and sunroof. If these instructions fail, look them up in your owner’s manual. If you figure out any cool tips or have advice use the comments section below to help other Mercedes-Benz owners.
  • You should also reset the ESP or the light ESP defective visit workshop may come up. To reset the ESP all you need to do is start up the car and completely turn the steering wheel a couple of times from left to right (clock to clock).
  • The clock may need to be reset depending on your Mercedes-Benz model.

My windows need to be synchronized all the time. What could it be?

If your windows don’t retain the synchronization you may want to check out the age of the main battery in your Mercedes-Benz and even consider replacing it. It is possible that as the battery ages, it no longer is able to hold a charge. During engine start the battery voltage may drop too low and the ECU may forget the window synch points. Replacement batteries can be purchased on Amazon if you want to want to save money. For example, look at these results of 12-volt battery Group 94 AGM battery which are the size of battery used on most Mercedes-Benz cars.

Does my older Mercedes-Benz have the auto close feature?

Older Mercedes-Benz models before 1995 will most likely not have the auto close feature. They may have a micro switch on the window regulator that the window toggles on and off when it reaches the top or bottom position.

When I park or turn off the car and try to close the windows, they do not go up all the way. Windows don’t come down automatically either or they come down one inch and stop. What could be the problem?

If you are experiencing any of these problems you should carry the window synchronization procedure mentioned in this article. Close the windows all the way and continue to hold the window switch in the “CLOSE” position for an additional 5 seconds. Usually, you will hear a small click when the windows -resynchronize.

Tried the window synchronization feature but my windows still don’t work.

It is possible that the window switch could be defective. Another possibility is that the door control module on your Mercedes-Benz may be defective.

Synchronization Instructions Applicable to these Models:

Mercedes A-Class 1997-2004 (W168)
Mercedes A-Class 2004-2012 (W169)
Mercedes A-Class 2013-Present (W176)
Mercedes B-Class 2005-2011 (W245)
Mercedes B-Class 2011-Present (W246)
Mercedes CLA-Class 2014-Present (C117)
Mercedes C-Class 2001-2007 (W203)
Mercedes C-Class, CLC-class 2008-Present (W204)
Mercedes C-Class 2015-Present (W205)
Mercedes E-Class 1996-2003 (W210)
Mercedes CLK-Class 1998-2003 (W208)
Mercedes E-Class 2003-2009 (W211)
Mercedes CLK-Class 2003-2009 (W209)
Mercedes CLS-Class 2006-2010 (W219)
Mercedes E-Class 2010-2016 (W212)
Mercedes CLS-Class 2011-Present (W218)
Mercedes E-Class 2017-Present (W213)
Mercedes S-ClassCoupé,CL-Class 1998-1999 (W140)
Mercedes S-Class 2000-2006 (W220)
Mercedes CL-Class 2000-2006 (W215)
Mercedes S-Class 2006-2013 (W221)
Mercedes CL-Class 2007-2013 (W216)
Mercedes S-Class 2014-Present (W222)
Mercedes SLK 1998-2004 (R170)
Mercedes SLK 2005-2011 (R171)
Mercedes SLK 2012-Present (R172)
Mercedes SL-Class 2003-2012 (R230)
Mercedes SL-Class 2013-Present (R231)
Mercedes SLRMcLaren 2005-2009 (C199)
Mercedes SLSAMG 2011-2015 (C197)
Mercedes AMGGT 2016-Present
Mercedes Vaneo 2001-2005 (W414)
Mercedes Citan 2012-Present (W415)
Mercedes V-Class 1996-2003 (W638)
Mercedes Viano 2003-2014 (W639)
Mercedes V-Class 2016-Present (W447)
Mercedes R-Class 2006-2012 (W251)
Mercedes GLA-Class 2014-Present (X156)
Mercedes GLK-Class 2010-Present (X204)
Mercedes M-Class 1998-2005 (W163)
Mercedes M-Class 2006-2011 (W164)
Mercedes M-Class 2012-Present (W166)
Mercedes GL-Class 2007-2012 (X164)
Mercedes GL-Class 2013-Present (X166)
Mercedes G-Class 2002-Present (W461, W462, W463)
Mercedes Vito 1996-2003 (W638)
Mercedes Vito 2003-Present (W639)
Mercedes Sprinter 2006-Present (2nd gen)

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