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sun visor won't move down

Mercedes Sun Visor Problems + Easy Fix

Are you having problems with the sun visor on your Mercedes-Benz? Sun visor won’t fold back up or it is too hard to move down? A common problem with Mercedes sun visors is that they won’t fold back properly when pushed up. You may notice that the sun visor is not folded all the way. There is no way to adjust the sun visor but there is one trick worth trying and in many cases, it may fix your sun visor problem. The sun visor on the driver’s side tends to go bad more often, but the passenger side sun visor may be hard to operate because it rarely gets used.

The solution to a sun visor that will not fold back

You can try fixing the sun visor yourself by lubricating the shaft inside the sun visor. To do this, you will need a lubricant. We have found that spraying penetrating oil works quite well. Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil works better and lasts longer than WD-40 in such applications, but you can use either one.

Extend the sun visor shaft out and spray the lubricant to the shaft. Be careful to not spray the sun visor itself. Push the shaft back into the survivor and rotate it a few times. Pull the shaft out and reapply the lubricant again. After you perform this a couple of times, your sun visor should function much smoother. Install the sun visor back on and notice how the sun visor returns to its intended position.

Sunvisor sagging

A common problem with Mercedes-Benz C, SLK, E, CLS, and S-Class models is the sagging sun visor. If your Mercedes-Benz is out of warranty, then you are left to fix this problem yourself. Don’t expect a recall for sun visor problems; you are typically on your own when it comes to sun visor problems.

What if your sun visor fabric or leather is sagging? In most cases, you need to replace the sun visor but in a meanwhile, you can use Sagging/Loose headliner retaining pins to make the Sunvisor look a little better.

How to fix the vanity mirror’s broken flap?

The vanity mirror or as often referred the makeup mirror flap breaks very easily on many Mercedes-Benz cars. We have seen E-Class, C-Class, S-Class, CLK, SLK, ML, GL, GLK, and other models where the makeup mirror flap has come off due to the small plastic hinge breaking off.

If you have this problem, you have two options. The first option is to replace the sun visor. You can find the exact fit sun visor for your Mercedes-Benz on eBay. Here are a few listings for Mercedes-Benz Sun Visor Auctions. Your second alternative is to re-create the broken hinge. To do this repair you will need a stiff steel wire that has a diameter of approximately 1.5 mm. You should be able to find such a wire at Home Depot for example.

You can cut the wire the width of the sun visor mirror plus leave an extra 4 mm on each side. Heat up the steel wire and insert it in the vanity mirror flap. The new steel shaft should go through the same location where the plastic hinges were located. You should now have hinges on both sides of the vanity mirror flap/cover.

Where to find replacement sun visors?

A quick search on Amazon returned several sun visors for many Mercedes-Benz models including W210, W211, W203, W204, W170, W208, W209, and more. Take a look at this list, you may find a replacement sun visor for a lot less than what you would pay at a dealer or your local auto parts store.

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