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Choosing the right Spark Plugs for your Mercedes-Benz

mercedes spark plugAre you wondering which are the best spark plugs for your Mercedes-Benz? This article lists some of the best spark plugs you can use on Mercedes-Benz engines, whether E-Class, C-Class, S-Class, ML-Class, or GL-Class. This article applies to Mercedes-Benz cars with V6, V8, and V12 gasoline engines, such as M112, M113, M272, M273, etc.

It can get frustrating when you order spark plugs at your local auto parts store and are presented with multiple spark plug alternatives. As indicated in your manual, we recommend the OEM spark plugs to most Mercedes-Benz owners. The OEM spark plugs work very well. These spark plugs have been carefully tested on your engine and should provide a good burning pattern and optimal fuel economy. Don’t expect that you will get increased fuel mileage or performance just because you are using multi-ground electrode spark plugs. The spark plug type (material) can affect the operation life of the spark plug. Always change the spark plug at the required change interval. Most importantly, do not install cheap or unapproved spark plugs; you risk having performance issues or triggering the check engine light warning.

Which are the best spark plugs for my Mercedes-Benz?which are the best spark plugs for mercedes benz

When it comes to sparking plugs for your Mercedes-Benz, the original OEM plugs would be a safe choice. Spending more money on the latest high-tech spark plugs is unnecessary. Your Mercedes-Benz owner’s manual will list recommended spark plugs for your model. If you want to upgrade, our #1 recommended choice is listed in the Best Performance section below.

Best Performance OEM Stock Spark Plugs Economy Spark Plugs
NGK Iridium IX

 Bosch Platinum

Bosch Super Copper

The NGK Iridium IX lasts longer and has been proven to perform very well on Mercedes-Benz engines.

NOTE: Mercedes-Benz cars typically have two spark plugs per cylinder. For example, an E320 with a 6-cylinder engine requires 12 spark plugs.  Most car manufacturers use only one spark plug per cylinder but not Mercedes-Benz. You can always call a Mercedes-Benz dealer near you to check if you are unsure.

How to remove the spark plug wire E C S CLK SL CL ML ClassReplacing the spark plugs on a Mercedes-Benz can be expensive if you take your car to an auto repair shop or dealer. You can save hundreds of dollars by replacing the spark plugs yourself. To replace the spark plugs yourself, you will need a special tool Mercedes Spark Plug Remover Installer Tool 17mm; luckily, you can buy that on Amazon. Replacing the spark plugs themselves is straightforward, and if you need help, you can follow the instructions in this article: How to replace the spark plugs on most Mercedes-Benz cars. 

Benefits of replacing the spark plugs

  • Improved Throttle Responsive
  • Smoother engine
  • Better acceleration
  • Increased Horsepower

Spark Plugs that fit Mercedes-Benz cars

Bosch 7422 FR8DPP33 F8DPP33IFR5D10 or 4696

NGK ILFR6A found on AMG Engines (such as E55, CLK55, CLS55, ML55 AMG) NGK Spark Plug Alternative: IFR5D-10

NGK iridium LFR7AIX

NGK Iridium IX

Mercedes Spark Plugs to Avoid
Unless specified in your owner’s manual, you should avoid four-prong spark plugs on Mercedes-Benz engines. Incompatible spark plugs can even trigger the check engine light. They are more expensive and can cause sputter, misfire, and decrease fuel economy.

Copper vs. Platinum or Iridium. What’s best? 

best spark plug for mercedesCopper is an excellent conductor of electricity, which is why they were used and still is used on spark plugs. Platinum performs worse when it comes to conductivity. While Iridium is a better conductor, it is not quite as good as copper material. They are inexpensive to manufacture, but their main disadvantage is that they don’t last as long. They work great when new, but several thousand miles can decrease performance after a few. Platinum and iridium spark plugs do last longer due to their stronger material. One of the main advantages of the iridium spark plugs is the longer change interval. If you have an engine where spark plugs are very hard to reach, iridium definitively makes more sense.

Don't even consider replacing the spark plugs yourself without first getting a hold of Mercedes spark plug boot tool.Spark Plug Coil Location Mercedes Benz V6 V8 engine

What Scanner Can I use to Troubleshooting Spark Plugs Problems on my Mercedes-Benz?

The YOUCANIC full system diagnostic scanner is an essential tool for Mercedes-Benz owners and technicians looking to troubleshoot problems with their vehicles. This diagnostic scanner can help diagnose issues with the engine, transmission, brakes, airbag, ABS, steering systems, and more by reading and interpreting fault codes stored in the car's computer system. With this information, you can make informed decisions about repairs and maintenance, saving time and money.

In addition to diagnosing problems, the YOUCANIC scanner can also reset maintenance reminders and service indicators, ensuring that your vehicle is properly maintained and preventing potential issues from occurring in the future. This feature is especially useful for Mercedes-Benz owners who want to stay on their vehicle's maintenance schedule without visiting a dealership or a mechanic. Overall, the YOUCANIC full system diagnostic scanner is a valuable tool that can help you keep your Mercedes-Benz running smoothly and reliably for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of replacing the spark plugs on a Mercedes-Benz?

The cost to replace the spark plugs can vary drastically depending on the MB model, location, and the auto repair shop where you take your car. It can cost as little as $350 up to $900 to replace all the spark plugs on your Mercedes-Benz. If you replace the spark plugs yourself, you can complete this job for under $100.

How often should I change my spark plugs?

The spark plug change interval can vary based on the spark plug installed and other factors. Some MB cars may require spark plugs changed every 40,000 while others 60,000 or 80,000. We suggest replacing the spark plugs every four years for the best performance and fuel economy.

Which spark plugs should I use?

You will find a list of approved spark plugs in your owner's manual for your exact model. The recommended spark plugs should provide optimal performance in most cases. If you are looking to upgrade your spark plugs check out the list in this article.

What are OEM spark plug part numbers?

Here is a list of spark plug part numbers: 0041591903 superseded by 004159190326,  A0041591303 used on AMG engines, Bosch F8DPP332,  NGK BKR5EGP (7090). There could be more.

Why should I replace the spark plugs?

If your spark plugs are still original and you have done 100,000 miles on these plugs, you should consider changing them. You will notice an increase in gas mileage, a quieter running engine, and a better throttle response.

Should I replace the spark plug wires if they are not damaged?

It is difficult to tell if the spark plug wires are damaged or not by looking at them. You can keep the original spark plug wires, as long as you don't have a misfire problem. If you are starting to experience a misfire problem and have high miles on your Mercedes-Benz then you should replace the spark plug wires as well.

Is it better to use hotter spark plugs on my Mercedes-Benz?

We recommend running colder plugs. If you use hotter spark plugs you may experience pre-ignition issues. The higher the number the colder the heat range. The spark plug heat range on most Mercedes-Benz cars is 6.

Which are some Mercedes-Benz engine numbers?

M112, M113, M272, M273, M119

Your Mercedes-Benz has over 100k miles.

If your Mercedes-Benz has over 100k miles and the spark plugs have never been changed, it is time to replace the spark plugs. Just because you are not experiencing any problems doesn't mean that the performance of these spark plugs hasn't decreased. Spark plugs have several components such as center electrodes, gaps, and resistors which do wear over time. Consider replacing the spark plugs before you get stranded on the side of the road because of engine misfire or overheating problems.

What is the spark plug gap for Mercedes-Benz cars?

The platinum spark plugs come pre-gaped and you shouldn't have to gap them. The copper spark plugs can be best to 0.044 as recommended by the dealer. You can gap them as low as 0.035 but not any less since the gap will increase over time.

What is Mercedes-Benz Spark Plug Recommended service intervals?

  • M104 every 45,000 mi or 4 years
  • M111 every 45,000 mi or 4 years
  • M119, M120 every 60,000 mi or 4years
  • M156, M275 every 60,000 mi or 5years
  • M112, M113 motors every 100,000 mi or 5 years
  • M272, M273 motors every 91,000 mi or 5 years


  1. I appreciate all the insight. Can you please advise on the best copper plug for my 2006 CLS55. With the coolest heat range. I feel my car starting to rough rough, no check engine light as of yet. Planning on changing the plugs and wires together. Does the brand of wire matter?
    Looking forward to your input.

    Thank you

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