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high mileage mercedes w220 s-class

How many miles are Mercedes-Benz cars good for?

Have you wondered how many miles a Mercedes-Benz can survive before it heads to the junkyard? My father owned a 1980s 240D that had rolled over 1 million kilometers and was still running like a tank. Rust had started eating up many body parts, but the car could get you from A to B without issues. We often see many newer Mercedes-Benz cars with over 200,000 miles on the odometer. This post will share odometer pictures of different Mercedes-Benz cars with high mileage.

How many miles are Mercedes-Benz cars good for?

There is no simple answer about how long or how many miles a Mercedes-Benz is good for. Some models have issues as early as 50k miles, while others can exceed 200k miles with regular maintenance. We are starting this post to keep track of models that reach crazy high mileage.

While we don’t know how long an MB can last, we do have a few pictures we would like to share.

Use the comments section below to let other owners know how many miles you have on your Mercedes-Benz.

2001 Mercedes-Benz ML320

Check out this W163 with over 300k miles. You are always going to find people who complain because the cup holder and the window regulator broke on their ML. Our main concern with the W163 is rust; other than that, they are solid cars. Small issues here and there can be easily fixed.

How many miles does the average mercedes survive?

2002 Mercedes-Benz E320 – Over 200k mileage

You either love or hate the W210. There is no in-between. These cars were bulletproof, though. They could easily go over 200k miles on the original transmission and engine. The only issues you will see with these cars are a bad brake light switch (easy and cheap to fix yourself), ball joints, engine mounts and maybe an automatic transmission valve body repairs. E-Class is another Mercedes-Benz model that doesn’t mind the high mileage.

now many miles can i get out of my mercedes benz e c s class
E-Class W210 with over 200k miles

2004 Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211 with High Mileage

The W211 model was a complete redesign from the previous generation E-Class. If you ask around, some will say to avoid the early W211  model years such as 2003, 2004, and 2005. In reality, these cars are very solid; the main issue that scares most people is the SBC brakes on those cars. Mercedes-Benz extended the warranty on the SBC, so you may be able to get a new unit for free. Other than that, these were quite solid cars, especially the E320 trim with the 5-speed 722.6 automatic transmissions. We would be more concerned about the 2006 and 2007 E350 due to the M272 and 722.9 transmission issues that affected those years.

how many miles does your mercedes benz class have?
Mercedes E-Class W211 with over 200k miles. Check out the visit workshop warning. Easy fix, in most cases, by replacing the secondary (auxiliary) battery.

 2003 Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220 high mileage

The W220 S-Class was and still is a masterpiece. It had its share of issues with the airmatic. Other than that, it is a solid vehicle that sits on four airbags.
high mileage mercedes w220 s-class

2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class C230 W203

Who said that the W203 is not reliable? Check out this 1.8L C230 with over 200k miles on it.

high mileage mercedes over 100k 200k 100000 c-class

 How many miles does your Mercedes-Benz have?

Send us pictures to be featured in this article. 

Directions: Include a short description, your name or initials, and two photos (one must show mileage). Rember to include the year, model, engine type, maintenance info, or major repairs. Send info to support@websitename



  1. My 1995 C280 has 163,366 miles and just the driver door lock/unlock has disconnected (anti-theft activated) but not to hard to fix! Also needs a new windshield wipers motor, also another easy fix!

  2. 2011 E250 Coupe Manual 90k miles. Had faulty airbag changed under warranty. Also recall on injectors. No squeaks etc. Major svc every 2 yrs / 30k and runs well. Regularly get 55+ mpg on motorways/ 35+ around town. Pirelli rears only last about 10k but Hankooks last 25k and great fun in the wet on an otherwise safe/ dull car.

  3. I had a 2003 w211 220cdi. Done 450,000 miles, without engine, transmission or turbo trouble. Had to recondition injectors at about 300,000 and alternator around the same mileage. I got it remapped for more power at about 220,000 miles, didn’t cause any reliability issues. Timing chain was rattling for about 200,000 miles but never jumped. Transmission began to slip under hard acceleration (which it got every day) so I got rid. I’d say if I done the clutch packs it would have hit a million miles. No sign of wear on the engine at all. Not using any oil either. Sorry I have no pic.

  4. I’m considering buying a 1983 MB diesel. It has 235,000 miles on it. Outwardly, it’s in excellent condition, painted 5 yrs ago and has new tires.

  5. I have a 2001 CLK320 cabriolet with 214,970 miles on it.

  6. 2012 GLK350 93,000 Dealer Maintenance Every 10K Miles – only issue since birth was replacement of rear shocks at 50K!

  7. 2001 S430 123,000 miles

  8. I also own a C220 (W203) 04.2005 and I am very happy with mercedes. I just passed 330.000 km this month and I take care of him to pass 600.000 km. Just regular repairs, not too much invested!

    The enginge is working like peanut butter, transmission also. Anyway, I plan to change the transmission oil to be on the safe side.

  9. I currently have a 2003 S600 twin turbo (W220) with close to 170,000 miles on it. When I got it, the ABC system was broken (that’s the biggest maintenance issue with these cars), so I replaced it with a Strutmasters coil-spring conversion kit, along with the anti-sway bar and lower control arms for an AIRmatic car. Also did the stuff that any 14-year-old car needs. That car is utterly reliable. The suspension is very comfortable, yet also sporty enough. I would trust it on long-distance trips and have already done so on several occasions. The M275 V-12 engine is smooth as smooth can be. This car is one of my two “daily drivers”.

    Also, I have a 2003 S430 with AIRmatic. This car got a total overhaul of the front suspension, including AIRmatic springs and pump, along with other things that needed attention after 14 years. This car, too, is utterly reliable, after 147,000 miles, and nearly as silky smooth as the V-12. I have taken it on long trips as well, and it is my other “daily driver”. The M113 V-8 engines and 722.6 transmission are excellent. Be sure to get the 722.6 transmission, though, if at all possible!

    Some time ago, I encountered a 2000 S500 that was in bad repair. Year 2000 is the first model year for the W220 in the United States. After 135,000 miles, the car needed an entirely new front suspension, complete rear brake overhaul (including left caliper), valve cover gaskets, flex discs, headlight assemblies, all sorts of stuff. The only thing the previous owner had done was change the oil regularly with Mobil-1 fully synthetic, and the engine showed no problems. The transmission fluid had been changed once; the maintenance records showed that, and the transmission behaved just fine. I took on the car as a fun project. That car showed me just how well M-B built these S-classes. I went through it with a fine-toothed comb. When I was done, that car drove about like it had just come off the assembly line, and it really wasn’t that hard to do. The car went to a very good home, a person that I know very well and who maintains it properly. She *loves* it.

    It’s amazing how much abuse and neglect a W220 can take and still be OK. That car taught me just how much. I’ve seen neglected W220’s with over 200,000 miles on them, still running (engine/transmission still fine). I’ve even seen W220’s with 300,000 miles on them, they were properly cared for. They still run great, and I have every confidence that any of mine will reach that number and more.

  10. My W211 E320 has just over 145k miles.
    Apart from a few wear and tear issues, it was an absolute delight. It can still do 140mph on the highway all day. They just feel like they’re made to go on forever.

  11. I have a 1998 E320 Mercedes with 208,365 miles on it. My car still runs good and looks better than some newer cars. I would keep it even if I bought a newer model.

  12. Good day, My W204 320cdi has done 146 000 km and is still very solid, that being said we have had a few issues swirl flap motors, Radiator fan that went kaput, but that was it and it is as strong as an ox. So I still truly enjoy my Benz. Hoping to last another 146 000 km.


  13. Hello! I love my two W220 cars, a 2002 S55 with 230k+ miles and still running beautifully and a 2004 S430 with 178k miles which also runs like a top getting 26 mpg on the highway. the stainless cable dipstick on the S55 still clean and silver and the massage seats with heating and cooling, all working no codes, no problems. i did just replace the front hub assemblies. i recently replaced all injectors on the S430, i got a rebuilt flow matched set of 8 for it on Ebay for 140 dollars including shipping. works perfectly and i did it myself in 3 hours total including watching videos. there are videos for nearly every procedure online for this model. I had a 2000 Rolls Silver Seraph but these W220 cars are really great comparatively especially parts availability. Rolls has a monopoly.

  14. I have a 2002 S-500 with 191,252 miles I bought the car with 189,00 miles, my brother have one that went over 400,00 miles that why I didn’t have an issue with it. I got into it not really knowing what was really going on. After I had gotten into it ,being that I liked the car, I just went along with things trying to fix the car up, I’ve come a long way.

  15. We own a 2010 GLK350 and had to replace the transmission at 47,000km. Today with only 49,000 we have the engine light coming on. The first 4 years of maintenance was performed at the MB dealership.. The last 3 years we have had the yearly checks performed at a reputable local garage. Not happy.

  16. Have just bought, within six months, a 2008 E63 AMG Wagon. Have never owned a more enjoyable car but must say I might have to back to work to keep it going. Has been quite expensive. Now the coolant level lights comes regularly and dealers cannot figure it out. Coolent level perfect. Car presently has 116,000 miles on it. Any feed back on coolent problem much appreciated. Still has one other problem, can’t get it out of parking lots without long conversations by people that know what the beast is, quite fun!

    • There is a sensor in the windshield washer fluid and that can also trigger the coolant level. I know it is strange and doesn’t make much sense. Have seen it happen on a W203. Read the codes and that will point you in the right direction.

      • This also happens on the W220’s. The coolant level was just fine, but the windshield washer fluid level was low in my S600 due to a slow leak. Fixed the leak and refilled the windshield washer tank, and the “coolant low” message went away. Apparently they’re tied together somehow.

  17. Hi I have a E200K 2005 Mercedes with 209.000ks only used regular servicing parts batteries/tyres/brakes
    This is my 15th Mercedes and I loved them all specially my 300 SEL 6.3

  18. W220 is really a masterpiece. Mine W220 S320 2002 and is with very low mileage of 67k miles only but as said it doesnt show anything like a 15 years old car. Its still soundless and performs like new. The only problem i faced was the front airmatic leakage and my delay in repair caused me another few bucks for the air compressor motor. I replaced both front struts and the motor for only $650,,, how? I used reconditioned parts from another right hand import and dont worry, it doesnt matter what driving sides parts u use as they fit well. My car is back to normal and is much softer than before….

  19. Rajinder Ghatoaura

    My 2002 CLK430 W208 looks new inside and outside, no rust. Now at 190,000 miles. Runs perfectly fine. I do regular maintenance. Replaced shocks, radiator, compressor and recently changed most lights inside and outside to off the counter eBay LED lights. Did not change rear brake lights as faulty lights message starting coming up when I braked and eventually the car would go into the ‘safe’ mode where I could not accelerate. Changed the rear brake lights back to original halogen. Anyone knows the issue? Will post picture of car later.

  20. I have owned a 1986 190D (dubbed the baby Benz) since new, it has at least 390K miles on it.The odometer died 10 years ago and this car is still my daily driver at 10-15K miles per year. No motor work has ever been done on it and it runs as well as ever. Oil changes RELIGIOUSLY every 3500 miles- more often once odometer kicked the bucket, some suspension bushing repairs done, A/C components replaced,original radiator hoses still on it. Some rust under car, none showing around the car. Looks new. Super engineered car, easy to work on- and I’m its only mechanic.

    Walt in Annapolis MD

  21. I had a 2001 W220 S320 LWB S Class with a V6 petrol engine that had done 448,000 when I finally got rid due to body rust and airmatic problems. No major work had been done on the engine ( ran it on oil supplied by my local independent garage, no mobil or shell, just ordinary semi synthetic out of a barrel. The gearbox fluid was changed every 50,000 miles with genuine Mercedes transmission fluid. Great car, shame about the rust problem these card had.
    Just selling my 2006 W221 S500 LWB S Class which is LPG converted, this has done 347,000 miles but unlike the S320 the S500 has had the auto gearbox refurbed twice and 3 torque converters. Head gasket went at 326,000, had it all reburbed which wasn’t cheap but have now purchased a W222 S350 L Bluetec which I’m hoping will serve me well.

  22. My 04 ML350 164 /w112 engine has over 241k miles. I’m 2nd owner (have carfax) regularly have maintained per book. Two tows to shop electric problems. 3rd problem won’t shift out of first. Granddaughter said it’s a computer car grandpa reboot it. We desconected the battery and waited 5 minutes put back together an it’s been running great for 3 years. Needs detailed which I’ll have done this summer. Love this vehicle.

  23. I have a 1998 Ml 320 W163 6 cylinder engine.
    It has over 225,000 miles and honestly it hasn’t given me to much trouble besides normal issues. Very reliable ,
    It’s great in the snow and trustworthy in rain. Love it !

  24. I and my wife love our ’07 SL. Owned 3 yrs 150 k klm.Repaired both bi-Zenon lights . Our best car ever, especially at a buck 20 , in the rain with the top down! !
    Still a baby. I don’t understand how 300k is high ?
    In my 50 yrs driving/ backyard mech. , I have had dozens of north american cars go over 300k. Yeah , the ’70s rusted, & my prince of darkness cars LOL.? needed fixing , but still went over 150 k mi.
    Now over 500k , that’s worth talking about. !

  25. Our 1997 e-320. Has 284465 an still ticking everyday driver
    I replace motor mount ,brake shoes,spark plugs an wires, couple of coils

  26. 2011 MB GL450 141,000

  27. Hi from Northern Ireland.
    Have a 2004, ML 270cdi, Inspiration, 7 seater, W163 – keep it well serviced – over the 6 years owned I replaced an auto gearbox and a manifold (faulty flaps) plus maintenance parts, bushes etc. Parts readily available in breakers as they have been around for a while, used parts not expensive.
    Love this vehicle and will drive until either it or me collapses.
    Has presently 184,000 miles and in fuse every day.
    An absolute pleasure to drive and the looks are still appealing.
    Love it.

  28. My W163 ML320 with 16 years have 200 k miles just with regular maintenance.

  29. Hinga Danga Durgen

    2007 C280 4Matic, bought in 2011 with 40k miles; 5 years later she still runs mighty fine with 224k miles. Will keep taking care of her and want to push past 300k before buying a new car! Love love love my Mercedes!

    • I bought a 2007 C280 4matic in March 2009 with 48000 Miles.
      As of today, I got 213000 Miles still driving smooth. Got to take care of things when you first hear a sound while driving. I’ve done my transmission at 164000, replaced tires atleast 4-5 times, shocks & struts, brakes & rotors minimum 3-4 times. Recently replaced spark plugs & coils. Also have replaced my ECU at 150000. But can’t complaint. Still driving. Happy Benz owner.

  30. 1997 E320 239,600MI

  31. my 1995 w202 c class has done well over 300k and still kicking, it competes with 6 cylinder engines and it can go to the northern part of nigeria from the south and back.

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