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How to Contact Mercedes-Benz Headquarters Report Complains

How to contact Mercedes-Benz Headquarters?
Find the address, phone number, or email.

You may be asking yourself if you need to report a problem with your Mercedes-Benz or if you had a bad experience at the dealership. Whatever the reason, on this page, you will find contact information for Mercedes-Benz headquarters, Customer Assistance Center, or Customer Relations. Even Mercedes-Benz LLC doesn’t make it this easy for you to contact them. Although this information is provided for your convenience, MercedesMedic.com is not affiliated with MercedesBenz USA, LLC (MBUSA), a Daimler Company.

Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC
One Mercedes Drive
Montvale, NJ 07645-0350

Mercedes-Benz MBUSA
3 Mercedes Dr,
Montvale, NJ 07645

Note: In 2017, Mercedes-Benz headquarters will move to a new facility in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Office

303 Perimeter Center North, Suite 202
Atlanta, GA, 30346

Headquarters Corporate Phone Numbers



Corporate Email

[email protected]

Report Safety Problems

Suppose your Mercedes-Benz has a life-threatening problem or defect that could cause death, crash, or injury. In that case, you should immediately contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and notify Mercedes-Benz headquarters.

NHTSA Mailing Address:

US Department of Transportation
Washington DC 20590

NHTSA Phone Number:

Toll-Free: 1-888-327-4236
Direct: 202 366 0123

If NHTSA receives multiple complaints on a particular model, it will open an investigation. If NHTSA finds a safety defect with a specific model, it will issue a repair campaign or a recall. You and other owners may have your car repaired for free if NHTSA finds that the problem is a manufacturer defect. 

Mercedes Benz Customer Service Phone Number

1 (800) 367-6372


If you would like to contact Mercedes-Benz via email using this form. 



Roadside Assistance



Live Chat Support



Open: Monday – Friday:  08:30 AM – 04:00 PM EST
Saturday – Sunday

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If you find that the information on this page is not accurate, please use the comments section below to report it. Also, if you have a phone number or email that you use to contact the headquarters, share it in the comments below.


  1. Catherine H Williams

    i have my owe complaint and issues with MB. The customer service from some of those service reps has been unacceptable. My 2015 class 300 was a gift to me from my husband for our sweet 16th wedding anniversary. I first started having problems within weeks of purchase which May 2016 in July I started experiencing shaking in the first wheels, they checked car out replaced two tires on front. I would always call when its time for any service oil changes, etc. I was told this year in September that I needed two tires on the back, and that when I want them to put them on call in ahead so they could order them. October 26, 2017 I called and told them I wanted the tires, they said to me come on in Ms. Williams I think we have them in stock. I said OK. They put the two tires on and within 2 weeks my back end started shaking. I wasn’t able to drive no more than 35-40 mph. Car had to towed, and now they want me to pay for their mistake. The tires were dry rotten and wire stuck me in the hand. Went this morning after my husband went and got on them yesterday. The service rep Joey said my car was ready. I drive 10 mile across town to take my other car home, called my friend girl to take me to get my car. Get back to MB and Joey said he made a mistake it wasn’t my car that was ready it was somebody else car now I’m stuck without a car. And he was so nasty when I acquired about a loaner. “he said he didn’t have one so unprofessional. I’ve been waiting to get my car since 9:00 AM this morning. It don’t take this long to put two tires on. I just needed to report the poor service we’ve received here in Charlotte, NC from MB on Independence Blvd.

  2. Mojtaba Mohammadi

    If you turn C Class 2010 MB owner’s manual to page 266 under upholstry, it says leather upholstry and wood trims. These are not true. It is MB deception and misrepresentation in America. Why I am saying that. Before my seat cushion cover started to rip apart, i believed in MB quality and performance. Why i discovered the the seat middle panel is made of cheap plastic and the trims are made of plastic too, I really got disappointed and stopped beliving in MB. The whole show is hypocracy and scam. They sell their cars in the US through misrepresentation and lies. They refused to replace the torn up panels. I bought my C300 from Walters MB in Riverside, CA in 2010. Neither the headquarter in NJ nor MB in Fresno or Riverside offered me any help despite the fact this happened two years ago and i had an extended warranty. My advice is do not buy Mercedes Benz products. They overcharge people and their quality, sales and service are below average. Do not waste your money buying junk. Boycott MB. Buy American products instead help the economy.

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