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E Class (1996-2002) W210 Fuse Box Chart Location Designation Diagram

Fuses on Mercedes Benz E Class W210 are located in several locations. First, we will show you where the fuse box is in your E-Class. You can also see a list of all the fuses, their designation, and their layout. The fuse boxes below apply to 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002 models E320 E420 E430 E55 AMG.

Main Fuse Box In the Engine Compartment 

The main fuse box is on the engine compartment’s left side near the windshield. Here is a layout of the fuses in the main fuse box.

main fuse box engine comparment_mercedes_benz_E320_E430_E55_W210_Fuse_box_location


Function Fuse number
ABS/ESP 19,(11)*
Adjustable mirror, driver’s side 16,(3)*
Adjustable mirror, passenger side (1,3)*
Adjustable steering column (8,9,13,14)*
ADS (SE) 4
Airbag systems 10,13
Anti-theft alarm system (SE) 41,(5,11,19)*
Autom. comfort seat belt (SE) 12
Autom. Dimming ext. mirror (SE) (4)*
Autom. Dimming int. mirror (SE) (4)*
Autom. temperature control 4,7
Blower motor AC 4,7
Central locking system 16,41,(1,4,5,19)*
Cigar lighter 2 or 5
COMAND (SE) (5)*
Convenience locking 16,41,(1,4,19)*
Cooler box (SE) (10)*
Courtesy lights 16,18,(1,2,19)*
Dome lights (3,4,19)*
Driver’s power window 16,(3)*
E-Call (15)*
Engine fan 20
Engine residual heat system 4,7,(5,19)*
Fanfare 40,41
Folding exterior mirror (SE) 14
Fuel pump (6)*
Garage door opener (4)*
Glove compartment light 3
Hazard warning flasher 41
Headlamp flasher 3,41
Headlamp range Xenon (SE) 15
Headlamp washer system (SE) 41,45
Heated mirror, driver’s side 16
Heated mirror, passenger side (1)*
Heated rear window 41,(19)*
Heated booster (SE)  15
Instrument cluster 4,7
Language control system 4,7,10(15)*
Locking check–back 41,(5,19)*
Make-up mirrors (4)*
Multi-function steering wheel 10
Parktronic system (SE) 15
Passenger side power window (1,3)*
Power window, rear left 18,(3)*
Power window, rear right (2,3)*
Radio (5)*
Rain sensor (SE) (4)*
Rear head release 41,(5,19)*
Rear plug socket (T-model) 11
Rear reading lamp (SE) 11,(3)*
Rear window wiper (T-model) 12,41,44,(19)*
Remote trunk release (3,5,19)*
Reverse gear recognition (3)*
Seat adjustment Memory 16,(1,8,9,13,14)*
Seat heater (SE) 12,(17,18)*
Seat ventilation (SE) (3)*
Sound system (16)*
Steering lock 9
Sunblind for rear window (SE) 12
Tailgate closing assist (T-model) (5,7,19)*
Telephone systems (SE) (15)*
Tilting/sliding roof (SE) 41,(4)*
Tire pressure monitor (SE) 14,(15)*
Trailer power supply (SE) (12)*
Trunk light (3,19)*
Turn signal, t.s. indicator lamp 3,41
TV/Video (SE) (10)*
Washer water heater 42
Windshield washer system 41,43,(5,19)*
Wiper system 3,41,44

Fuses in the auxiliary fuse box located on the side of the dash.

Open the driver door and remove the side dash panel cover to access these fuses. auxiliary dash box fuse location e class e320 E430 w210

Here is a picture of the fuse box



Fuse Ampere rating Function
1 Not Assigned
2 15 Brakelamp /(Tempomat-cruise control)
3 7,5 Right high beam
4 15 Reversing lamp/turn signal lamp _ (Control, rear wiper/anti-dazzle rearview mirror Control, parking aid)
5 7,5 Left high beam
6 15 Right low beam
7 7,5 Right parking/taillamp site maker
8 15 Left low beam
9 15 Fog lamp
10 7,5 Left parking/tail lamp side marker
11 7,5 License plate/instrument cluster lighting/symbol lighting
12 7,5 Rear fog lamp

 Fuses under the rear seat bench.


The third location of fuses is under the rear seat of your E-Class. To access the fuses, you will have to remove the back seat. Under your back seat, on both corners of the car, you will need to press this:


REMOVE REAR SEAT W210 E CLASSOr you can watch UrbanBoondocker, who posted a YouTube video showing you how to remove the rear seat.

YouTube video


A close-up picture shows the fuse layout in the fuse box under the rear seat.

fuse box under rear seat_mercedes_benz_E320_E430_E55_W210_Fuse_box_location

The list of fuses in the fuse box under the seat is shown below.


Function Fuse number
Adjustable mirrors 1,3,(16)*
Adjustable steering column 8,9,13,14
ADS (SE) (4)*
Anti-theft alarm system (SE) 5,11,19,(41)*
Autom. dimming ext. mirror (SE)  4
Autom. dimming int. mirror (SE) 4
Central locking system 1,4,5,19,(16,41)*
Convenience locking 1,4,19,(16,41)*
Courtesy lights 1,2,19,(16,18)*
Dome lights 3,4,19
E-Call 15
Fuel pump 6
Garage door opener 4
Heated mirror, passenger side 1
Heated rear window 19,(41)*
Language control system 15,(4,7,10)*
Locking check-back 5,19,(41)*
Make-up mirrors 4
Power windows 1,2,3,(16,18)*
Radio 5
Rain sensor (SE) 4
Rear head release 5,19,(41)*
Rear reading lamp (SE) 3,(11)*
Rear window wiper (T-model) 19,(12,41,44)*
Remote trunk release 3,5,19
Reverse gear recognition 3
Seat adjustment Memory 1,8,9,13,14,(16)*
Seat heater (SE) 17,18,(12)*
Seat ventilation (SE) 3
Sound system 16
Tailgate closing assist (T-model) 5,7,19
Telephone systems (SE) 15
Tilting/sliding roof (SE) 4,(41)*
Tire pressure monitor (SE) 15,(14)*
Trailer power supply (SE) 12
Trunk light 3,19
TV/Video (SE) 10
Windshield washer system 5,19,(41,43)*

When replacing the fuses, make sure to replace them with the same amperage fuse.


5 beige
7.5 brown
10 red
15 blue
20 yellow
25 white
30 green
40 amber
50 red
60 blue

 If you need to order replacement fuses, you can get a box with all the fuses you will ever need for under $20.

fuse box lot


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  1. The relay which controls the glow plugs stay on when plug is in relay and continue to stay on all the time even when engine is running causing check engine electric problems. If I disconnect the glow plug cable the relay does time out and the glow plugs relay turns off. It seems to work properly but if i plug the cable into the relay box the relay malfunction. Is the relay bad or the electronics computer defective.
    My mercedes-benz is a 1998 e300 td

  2. I have a 2001 E320
    My radio and A/C information box does not work. Is there a fuse or relay that I need to replace.
    My a/c only works on low

  3. looking for starter fuse and relay to check if blown or damaged. why starter often fails to engage or crank longer than 1/10 second. yesterday it cold cranked 1/10 sec, 2nd try cranked 2/10sec, 3rd try it started.
    i am used to car not starting but always starts by moving autobox gear selctor between park and drive, left and right or do a gearbox reset.
    my 2002 e270 w210 cdi has 4 positions for fuses and relays, 3 as mentioned above plus 4th engine bay left side near heater duo valve. have multimetre will check all locations for blown fuses.
    one of the rear number plate light fittings malfunctions, might need replacing-did the other side last month.
    have fitted new mercedes brake switch, 1 new number plate lamp & new k140 or k40 relay??
    problem persists.
    think i am already on your mailing list!


  5. A have Mercedes e-class Mo-1996 I like Mercedes its good car & top car in the world
    Thank you MB Medic.

  6. I am trying to find OBD 2 port fuse, on my 2000 Mercedes Benz E320, I was told there is one for OBD2 port? I have searched and not gotten a clear answer or reply, can someone assist me. Need clear directionsI bought new iCarSoft CE Plus scanner to pull my transmission out of limp mode (I had leak let it get to low 🙁 went into limp mode and also I am trying to figure out why my ax blower wont come on? I have new blower motor and bought 2 regulators all OEM equipment, yes expensive, 🙁 I was told to use OEM anything to do with Mercedes electrical parts 🙂 and I put in Freon everything comes on compressor but justwont blow and my scanner works on everyone elses car but my 2000 Mercedes Benz E320, I appreciate all the help,

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