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DIY Battery Replacement Benz E320 E430 E55 W210 1996-2002

Replacing the car battery on a E Class is an easy task which you can accomplish in less than an hour. Mercedes Benz cars have state of the art electronics system installed on them and when a battery doesn’t charge or hold a charge well, even though the car may start fine, it can still cause electrical malfunctions. Some of these malfunction at first may not seem to be related to the battery. For example illumination of airbag light, ABS error message, ESP warning message, transmission shifting issue in some cases, or a stored fault code in the ECU or TCU. If you have a battery that is over 5 years old it may need to be replaced. Average life of a car battery is 4-6 years, some batteries could last 7 or 8 years though. We will show you how easy it is to replace the battery in a E Class W210 and how to get a replacement battery for around $150.

What is the cost  to replace the battery on a Mercedes Benz

Between $100-$200. Really? So many people pay hundreds of dollars to get their battery replaced. Why sped all that money when you can replace the battery yourself in half an hour.

Where to buy a replacement battery.

Mercedes Benz cars use a Group 49 /94 car batteries. Most of Mercedes Benz cars use what is called a Absorbent Glass Mat battery instead of the conventional battery which is a lead acid battery. Below you see a picture of a AGM Automtive Car Battery which fits Mercedes Benz cars. At the time of this writing it is listed on Amazon for Under $170 and has 5 Star reviews. When you go to Amazon website make sure to enter the year and model of your Mercedes Benz to find the exact fit battery for your Mercedes Benz.

mercedes benz battery group 49check-best-price-amazon


10 Easy Step to replace the battery on a Mercedes Benz E Class W210 1996-2002

  1. Buy a replacement battery on Amazon. Click here to find one that fits your Mercedes Benz. check-price-at-amazon
  2. Locate the battery on your Mercedes Benz E Class. Don’t start looking under the hood, you won’t find the battery there. In the E Class W210 1996-2002 the battery is located under the rear passenger seat. battery location under rear seat e class w210
  3. Remove the rear seat cushion. To remove it you will need to press the on the lock mechanism shown below. Place your hand under the seat at the corner of the cushion. Do this for both corners. Here is a pictures at what you will  be need to press to release the seat cushion. e class w210 remove rear seats to access battery
  4. Once you release the seat cushion on both corners then move the seat cushion up and remove it. Underneath you will see the battery. Image00008
  5. Remove the negative battery terminal using a 10 mm wrench. negative battery termnial w210
  6. Remove the positive battery cable from the battery post terminal. positive battery termnial w210
  7.  Remove the 13 mm bolt that hold the battery in place. Once the bolt is removed the battery comes right out.  Be careful to not injure yourself, these batteries are heavy. remove battery clamp bolt
  8. It is a good practice to clean the battery terminals before you attached them to your new battery. To clean the terminals you will need a Battery Post Terminal Cleaner.
  9. Install the new battery. Connect the positive cable FIRST. Connect the negative cable LAST.
  10. Install the seat cushion. All you need to do is to place it in place and push it down. You should hear a click when the it locks in place.
    That is it. You are done. We would appreciate if you come back and share your experience using the comments section below.


These instructions apply to Mercedes Benz E Class W210.
Years: 1996, 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 ( 2003 Convertible)
Models: E320 E420  E200 E430 E55 AMG

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