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How to replace rear strut, coil spring, mount assembly. ML Class 163 1998-200

In this article, you will find step-by-step instructions on replacing the rear strut and coil assembly. The ML 163 chassis uses four wheels of independent suspension. In the rear axle suspension, you will find coil springs that support the back of the car. The ML has struts in the rear. Inside each coil spring, you will find the shock absorber inside each spring.

Parts Needed: 

Rear strut and coil assemblyDIY_ML_163_how to replace rear stuts00040 For ML320 1999 – 2003; ML350 2003 – 2005; ML430 1999 – 2001; ML55 ML500 2002-2005


Tools Needed: 

13 mm stubby Ratcheting WrenchMUST HAVE

Jack stands

Torque Wrench

Step by Step Instruction with Pictures. 

  1. Loosen the lug nuts.
  2. Raise the car. DIY_ML_163_how to replace rear stuts00012
  3. Make sure to put jack stands under the car to be safe. Remove the wheel from the vehicle. DIY_ML_163_how to replace rear stuts00014
  4. Remove the lining from the wheel housing.DIY_ML_163_how to replace rear stuts00018
  5. Remove the plastic cover on top of the strut. Underneath it are 3 13 mm nuts that you need to remove. DIY_ML_163_how to replace rear stuts00025
  6. Remove the three nuts on top of the spring strut mounting. This is where the strut connects to the frame. There is very little room for you to access the 13 mm nuts. It would be best if you had a ratcheting 13mm or 1/2-inch wrench. These nuts are a pain to remove due to space constraints. Even when you use a stubby ratcheting wrench, click here to see one; it won’t be that easy. DIY_ML_163_how to replace rear stuts00026
  7. Remove the nut underneath that connects the strut to the lower wishbone.DIY_ML_163_how to replace rear stuts00036
  8. Place a jack under the rear control arm to support it. Remove the bolt for the link rod. The rear link rods connect the rear control arm and the torsion bar.DIY_ML_163_how to replace rear stuts00037
  9. Remove the two bolts at the rear lower control arm and the frame.DIY_ML_163_how to replace rear stuts00035
  10. Lower the rear control arm by detaching it from the rear axle carrier.DIY_ML_163_how to replace rear stuts00041
  11. Pull out the rear strut once you have enough room to do so. Sometimes, you may need to hammer it out of the lower control arm.DIY_ML_163_how to replace rear stuts00042
  12. Install the new strut and coil spring assembly.

Tightening Torques

  • Bottom nut. Where the shock absorber mounts to the lower control arm: 85Nm
  • 13 mm nuts where the strut connects to the frame: 20 Nm.
  • Nut for the link rod: 30 Nm.

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Manufacturer Part Number a1633202313
OEM Part Number 1633202313, 1633202413 163 320 05 13, 163 320 18 13, 163 320 24 13, 163 320 23 13, 163 320 21 13

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