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Mercedes Seat Belt Locked after Accident, Fix

remove mercedes seat belt

After an accident, your Mercedes-Benz seat belt locks up and will no longer retract. This is due to a blown pre-tensioner. To fix this problem, you either need to replace the seat belt that has the blown pre-tensioner, which can be expensive, or another less expensive solution is to repair …

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Mercedes Convertible Problems, Troubleshooting, Fixes

Owning a convertible Mercedes-Benz is fun and exciting until the convertible top stops working. If you own a hard-top Mercedes convertible such as the SL-Class and SLK-Class or a soft-top convertible such as the CLK / E -class and are having issues with the convertible top, this article may help …

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Mercedes-Benz Intermittent Ignition Problem

mercedes ignition

Problem The Mercedes-Benz key works intermittently. The key works properly when it is warm. When it is cold, or the temperature drops below 20 degrees Celsius, it stops working. The key doesn’t start the car when it is cold. The key and ignition work properly all day when it is …

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Mercedes turn signal not working

clean turn signal bulb contact

In this article, we go over the most common Mercedes turn signal problems and how to diagnose such problems yourself. If your left or right turn signals (side mirror, headlight, or tail light) have stopped working, the problem may be caused by any of the following: faulty SAM module, combination …

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Mercedes Fuel Pressure Test

mercedes fuel pressure check

The fuel pump plays a vital role in Mercedes-Benz cars. The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank. It pumps the gasoline from the fuel tank to the engine. While fuel pump failure isn’t very common in MB cars, we have seen several Mercedes cars such as ML320, C-Class, …

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Navigation Can Not Be Activated Problem

how to play music from android via bluetooth in a mercedes benz

Navigation Can Not Be Activated Error message “Navigation Can Not be Activated” usually means that the Navigation system cannot start up (boot up), possibly due to several reasons. Common problems include a wrong DVD, issues with the navigation processor A40/3n2, or faults in CAN bus (controller area network) communication. Symptoms …

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Mercedes Engine Misfire Problem

Engine misfires are one of the most common problems in many Mercedes-Benz cars. Honestly, it is not because MB cars are weak in this area but because most owners forget that spark plugs are worn items that must be replaced at the recommended intervals. As soon as an engine misfire …

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Mercedes Key Fob Not Working

mercedes key fob

Mercedes-Benz key fob not working? The first thing you need to do is change the keyless remote battery. We assume you have already done that part by now. Is your Mercedes key fob not working after a battery change? This article will help you troubleshoot problems where the Mercedes key …

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Mercedes BAS ASR ABS Light ON

BAS / ASR and ABS lights staying ON in your Mercedes-Benz? This article will show you how to troubleshoot BAS/ASR light problems. What ASR, BAS, and ABS lights mean. Common problems and possible solutions. Common Mercedes BAS & ASR Problems ABS/ ASR/ BAS Fault Codes BAS/ASR Light Stay On Instrument …

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