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Mercedes Seat Belt Locked after Accident, Fix

After an accident, your Mercedes-Benz seat belt locks up and will no longer retract. This is due to a blown pre-tensioner. To fix this problem, you either need to replace the seat belt that has the blown pre-tensioner, which can be expensive, or another less expensive solution is to repair your existing pre-tensioner. Many companies in the US provide seat belt retractor pre-tensioner repair and recharge service.

If your Mercedes-Benz seat belt won’t retract, but you know the car hasn’t been in any accident, read this article on Common seat belt problems and solutions. 

Mercedes Seat Belt Locked after Accident, Fix

If you have been in an accident where the seat belts are locked and maybe your airbags deployed, the pre-tensioners almost always will ignite to help retract and tighten the seat belt during a collision. This is by design to minimize passenger injuries.

Here is a picture of two different seat belt retractors with built-in pre-tensioners.

mercedes seat belt stuck after accident

A pre-tensioner may also be on the other end of the seat belt or part of the seat buckle.

mercdes seat belt stuck after accident due to blown pretensioner

You will need to remove the pre-tensioner from your Mercedes-Benz. Removing your pre-tensioner is a straightforward process. Rember to disconnect the negative battery before you disconnect the pre-tensioner.

For example, let’s look at removing a seat belt retractor with a built-in pre-tensioner.

Remove the door trim and molding to expose the retractor. mercedes door trim

Disconnect the electrical connector from the pre-tensioner. You need to press two small tabs on the connector before you can pull the connector. Otherwise, you will damage the connector if you force it out.  seat belt retractor

Remove the bolts that hold the retractor in place.

remove mercedes seat belt

Remove the bolt for the bracket at the top of the b pillar.

Remove your seat belt retractor. remove the seat belt retractor

Mail your retractor for repair to the company of your choice.

If you don’t know of one, check out these vendors that offer: Mercedes Seat Belt Pretensioner Rebuild.

The advantage of repairing your existing retractor isn’t only the cost-benefit and the fact that you must code your airbag to your Mercedes-Benz. There is a good chance you will need to clear the airbag/srs codes after the installation. You can read and clear Mercedes-Benz SRS codes using a multi-system airbag scanner.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Mercedes-Benz, a YOUCANIC full-system diagnostic scanner can help you troubleshoot the issues. This advanced diagnostic tool can read and interpret the fault codes stored in your car’s computer system, providing detailed information about any problems with the engine, transmission, brakes, or other critical systems.

The YOUCANIC scanner can also perform diagnostic tests on various systems, including the ABS, airbag, and steering systems, to help pinpoint the root cause of any issues. With this information, you can make more informed decisions about repairs and maintenance, saving time and money on costly repairs.

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