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How to check for bad engine mounts on a Mercedes Benz

Are you wondering if you have lousy engine mounts on your Mercedes  Benz? Here is an easy way to diagnose if your engine mounts are bad. We strongly recommend that you have someone help you with this procedure. And please don’t stay in front of the car while your helper …

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Where to Buy Mercedes Benz Parts?

  Buy New and Used Mercedes-Benz Parts at a fraction of dealer prices.  Being a Mercedes Benz fanatic, I love working and fixing my cars. Too often, I spend a lot of time searching for parts online. It’s funny how often I get people asking: Aren’t the parts very expensive …

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ABS ETS BAS 4ETS Problem DIY Repair Instructions for Mercedes Benz

STAR Diagnostics: C1401 High-Pressure Return Pump Circuit Open/Shorted; Will Not Shut Off Difficulty:  6  (1 being easy and 10 being hard ) Time:2-3 hours Repair Cost: DIY Cost – Less than $20  Parts You’ll Need: ML ABS Bearing Background Your ABS/ETS/BAS lights just came on your Mercedes Benz, and you …

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M272 Balance Shaft, Timing Chain Repair

The M272 engine, used in some Mercedes-Benz vehicles, is known for having issues with the balance shaft and timing chain. Here’s some information about repairing these components: Balance shaft: The balance shaft in the M272 engine is prone to failure due to a design flaw. The shaft is supported by …

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