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How to remove replace Steering Wheel and Airbag on a Mercedes Benz

This video will show you how to remove most Mercedes-Benz cars’ steering wheels and airbags.

You need to remove the steering wheel or the clock spring in this video, but you can see that they are easy to replace once you remove the steering wheel.

Tools Required:

Step-by-step instructions on how to remove the steering wheel and airbag on Mercedes-Benz.

  1. Disconnect the battery negative terminal. The battery on most Mercedes-Benz models is located in the trunk. It could also be located under the rear seat or the engine compartment.
  2. Make sure you note the position of the steering wheel. You need to install the steering wheel at the same orientation.
  3. Use the T-27 screwdriver to remove the airbag bolts. There are two on each side of the steering wheel. You access the two bolts from behind the airbag. The two bolts will not come out. They need to be loosened entirely.
  4. Pull out the airbag
  5. Disconnect the airbag wires.
  6. Place the airbag in a safe, clean area.
  7. Use the hex socket to remove the center bolt.
  8. Pull the steering wheel out.

Download: How to remove and install the steering wheel on a W211 Mercedes-Benz

Airbag Light On after Replacing the Steering Wheel or Airbag Light

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