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Where to Buy Mercedes Benz Parts?


Buy New and Used Mercedes-Benz Parts at a fraction of dealer prices. 

Being a Mercedes Benz fanatic, I love working and fixing my cars. Too often, I spend a lot of time searching for parts online.
It’s funny how often I get people asking: Aren’t the parts very expensive for those cars?
My answer: No, if you know where to buy the parts.
To save you some time, I have compiled this list of the main sites where I order parts for Mercedes Benz cars.

1) Advance Auto Parts Store

Consider yourself lucky if you have an Advance Auto Parts Store in your area. You can order online at AdvanceAutoParts.com, which will allow you to get 30% to 40% off your parts using the coupons below, and then you can head over to the store to pick up your parts. You don’t have to wait for the mailman. Make sure you choose your local store as pick-up instead of having parts shipped home. Kind of ordering Pizza Online and picking it up at your local pizzeria ;). I think that’s where Advance got their idea from.
Either way, if you use the coupons below, their prices become some of the lowest, even beating most online auto parts stores.
Coupon Codes For Advance, Use them at check out. They don’t apply to oils.


2.  Amazon.com  Yes, Amazon

Did you know they have a vast Auto Parts Catalog? Enter your car year and model and search for any part or accessory you want. Good prices, plus you can read reviews on the parts that you are ordering.
Head over to the parts catalog and check it out for yourself.

So this one is strictly an online store. They have a large selection of parts and very competitive prices.
Currently offering free shipping on orders over $50. I once got new rotors for my C320 for $20/piece shipped.
That’s less than turning your old rotors. Since then, I always check the price of the parts I want for
my Mercedes Benz. You will never know what parts could have a considerable discount.

4. Car-Parts.com 

While everything listed above is for new parts, car-parts.com becomes very useful when you need some of the rare parts that typically aren’t sold by retailers. When you go to Car-parts.com and search for your part, you will get a list of all the wrecking yards around the country that have the part you need. Pick two or three wrecking yards close to you and call them.
Depending on the part you order, these yards will mail you the part.
So here is your list of sites where you can order parts for your Mercedes Benz at discounted prices. Forget about ordering from the dealer unless you need a new key for your car, in which case you have to go to the dealer.

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