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Where to Order New Replacement Key for Mercedes Benz


Are you looking to get a new spare key made for your Mercedes Benz? Did you lose all of your keys? That’s ok, you don’t need old keys to order new ones. A locksmith can’t help you,  but you can order one from the Mercedes Benz dealer.

What do you need to order a new key? Well, you don’t need the car with you or even your existing key. The dealer will order the right key for your car from the VIN number. With that said, they are very strict on verifying ownership.

Here are the steps on how to order a new replacement key. 

If you are the current owner of the vehicle:

  • Locate the closest Mercedes Benz dealer.  Click Here
  • Get your current vehicle registration. If not registered the original title will do.
  • Get your drivers license or passport or identity card.
  • Head over to the dealer.
  • Show them your documents and pay the $200 to $300 for your new key. In some cases, new keys may cost up to $560, as reported by Mercedes-Benz owners.
  • Wait 3 to 4 days for the key to be shipped to your dealership. Keys are made in USA in some cases they have to be shipped from Germany in which case you may have to wait up to 10 days.


If you are NOT the current owner of the vehicle: 

  • All the required documents as if you were the owner of the car plus you will need:
  • A Signed and dated authorization from the owner of the vehicle for which the key is being requested.


  • For some models you can order a WALLET KEY which will unlock and start the car but doesn’t have the door keyless functions. The wallet key is cheaper so check if this is available for your model.
  • Copies of the originals of the documents above are not accepted. They need to be originals.
  • Each smart key uses a rolling code each time it unlocks/locks your car. So you can’t just make a copy of the existing key.
  • If you lost a key and you are worried that it is in the wrong hands, you can take your car to the dealer and they can disable the lost key.
  • Mercedes Benz says that they need to synchronize the new key to the car. You can easily do that yourself. The key comes pre-programmed to your car and it will start it without any further programming. The synchronization is more for the doors, windows, unlock function. Even those functions have worked for me every time without any further synchronization.

These steps work if you live in USA, Canada or any country if you have a authorized Mercedes Benz dealer near you. In other countries or even in US it is possible to make key copies by reading the cars ESL ECM ECU. We won’t get into that today.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask by filling the comments form below.


  1. My keys to my s500 mercedes benz were destroyed in a house fire what snd how is the cheapest way to replace my ignition key

  2. Our key is not working. Mercedes will not made another because there have been 8 keys made previously. Do you know have any ideas?

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