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Top 15 Upgrades for Mercedes C-Class 2001-2007 W203

This article will look at the 15 most popular modifications for a W203 Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

There are countless little variations on the modifications available for the W203, so that we will concentrate on the 15 most popular and cost-effective modifications in this article.

By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to breathe new life into your stock W203.  You are guaranteed to turn heads when you install the modifications mentioned in this article.

Head Unit – Android 5.1 Radio DVD GPS Navigation 

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The head unit is the best place to start and usually requires the most work. The stock head unit is outdated and unable to sync to your phone or play via USB. With this new Android 5.1 head unit, you can do all that, and it also has GPS Navigation and a DVD player for those long journeys.

Speakers – Mercedes C-Class W203 Pioneer 17cm Front Door Speaker Upgrade Kit

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Now that you have replaced the old head unit, you will want a good pair of speakers to go with it. Pioneer is a very well-respected name when it comes to automotive audio systems. This front-door speaker kit will add more punch and clarity to the sound system.

Sports Steering Wheel – Mercedes W203 Sport Steering Wheel

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Any car modification isn’t complete without a sport steering wheel. While the standard steering wheel is nothing to complain about, replacing it with a sport steering wheel can increase the steering feel and your hand grip as you go around bends. This sport steering wheel is easy to fit and is in keeping with the styling of the W203

Gas & Brake Pedal

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You will also want to change from the standard pedals to these sportier alternatives. Since they don’t require any drilling on your part, you will be able to clip them on and start using them as soon as they are delivered.

Xenon Hid Headlight  8000K AMG Style Projector Headlights

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Installing new HID headlight bulbs is the easiest way to make your W203 stand out from the rest. This xenon headlight kit will improve your car’s overall look and the light beam during the night.

Chrome door Handle for Mercedes C Class W203

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One of the first things that will suffer from wear and tear on your W203 will be your door handles. So why not protect them with a set of chrome handle covers? These chrome door handle covers will reduce the wear on your old door handles and improve the overall side profile.

Front Grill for C Class W203 

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Replacing the standard front grill with a sportier black grill does wonders for the overall looks of the W203. The standard grill had more of an executive aesthetic, whereas this one had a sporty feel.

W203 Front Bumper Upgrade

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Another way to improve the front of the W203 is with a sporty front bumper. The standard bumper was meant to be practical more than anything else. This Rieger front bumper was designed to give the W203 a much sportier look.

Front Lip Spoiler W203 C32 Mercedes Benz C-Class AMG Style Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Lip Spoiler.

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Adding a front lip spoiler is a great alternative if you can’t afford to replace the entire front bumper just yet. The front lip spoiler will add width and definition to the standard bumper.

Rear Roof Spoiler – Window Wing (C Class W203 2001-07 W/O Antenna.)

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The rear trunk spoiler is a rare but popular modification to the W203. It goes very well with a rear trunk spoiler; together, they create a very aggressive-looking side and back profile.

Rear Trunk Spoiler  W203 C-Class 

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A rear trunk spoiler gives a standard W203 an AMG look without breaking the bank. Rear spoilers have become popular recently, and the W203 is the perfect candidate for this modification.

Real Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser AMG

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The AMG look wouldn’t be complete without a rear diffuser. A rear diffuser adds a sporty look to the standard rear bumper without replacing it entirely. A rear diffuser has been used on all of Mercedes Benz’s most popular AMG models, so adding it to your car will make it stand out even more.

Dual Double Exhaust Pipe Muffler Tips

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Nobody will deny that the standard W203 exhaust pipes look very bland. You can instantly transform yours by replacing them with chrome exhaust pipe tips. This is a very simple yet effective modification that will greatly improve the rear profile of your car.

Sport Sway Bars

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Regarding your car’s performance, nothing will give you more bang for your buck than installing a pair of sport sway bars. You will have a very noticeable improvement in your handling and cornering ability. It also increases your overall stability making it much safer at speed.

Brake Rotors *Front+Rear Kit*

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What good is all the speed in the world if you don’t have the brakes to stop it? Every performance upgrade requires an upgrade in your brakes. Otherwise, all your newfound power will prove unmanageable and, in most instances, outright dangerous. Replacing your standard brake kit will improve your overall control and safety.



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