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7 Car Repair Services You Can Get for FREE

Just because you drive a Mercedes-Benz or any late model car, doesn’t mean that you need to pay for every auto repair and maintenance. In this article, we discuss several car repair services that you can get completely free. Our goal is to help you save money when it comes to maintaining and repairing your car. After all, who doesn’t love free stuff especially car service.

If you live in United States, you can get several services for free. What exactly do we mean? Here are all the services that you can get for free at Pep Boys, Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Mr. Tire and more.

Free Check Engine Light Service

srs brake check engine service lightGet the check engine light fault codes scanned for free. Whether you have a misfire or evap system leak, your auto parts store can scan the car for free and tell you what is wrong with your car. Autozone, PepBoys, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly and even some auto repair shops offer this service for free. You don’t need to pay $120/hr rate for a service that only takes 5 minutes and you can easily get for free.

We recommended that all car owners have at least a simple OBD II reader, they costs less than $20 and come handy if your check engine light comes on during a long trip. Check out these best-selling OBD II scanners on Amazon. If you don’t have an OBD-II scanner and the check engine light is on, head over to your auto parts store and they will scan the light for free.

While this is a nice free service, they will only scan the engine control unit (ECU) which is the unit that trigers the check engine light/service engien soon light. The auto parts store scanners can not scan other systems in your car, you need a more powerful scanner in order to further troubleshoot your car. Also they will retrive the fault codes, but in most cases will not erase the light due to store’s policy.

If you do your own car repairs and maintenance, consider investing on an OBD II scanner that can read and erase not just the check engine light but also transmission, SRS, ETS, ABS, Traction Contro, A/C and airbag. Two of our favorite affordable scanners that you can get on Amazon are:

icarsoft mb ii iCarsoft MB II for Benz/Sprint/Smart
Troublshooting mercedes benz limp no shifting problem Launch Creader X431 VII works in European, Asian and Domestic Cars. 

While these scanners work the same way that the OBD-II scanner at Advance Auto Parts and AutoZone work, they can access almost all of the control systems on your car not just the check engine light from the ECU. Watch for example how easy it is to check and clear the Airbag SRS fault codes  using the two scanners mentioned above.

Free Electrical System Test and Diagnosis

Advance Auto Parts, Autozone, PepBoys will test the alternator, starter, battery and other components for free. They will be able to complete a load test on your alternator and battery to see if these parts are functioning properly. Weather the alternator is not generating enough ampere or the battery is not holding a charge, you will get a printout of the diagnostic results.

Loan Auto Repair Tools for Free

Yes, you can loan countless tools for free. From ball joint kits, to spring compressor. Go to Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone and ask to loan any of the tools you may need to service your Mercedes-Benz or any car. Looking for a pressure gauge, they have that too. You are required to leave a deposit for the items that you loan, but it is returned to you in full as long as you return your items within 90 days.  Here is a list of all the tool categories that you can loan for free from Advance Auto Parts. Advance Auto Parts offers loaner tools for most all car projects

You don’t even have to worry if the tools break. You can still return them to the store for a full refund.

Free Oil and Battery Recycle Service

You can take the old oil to Advance Auto Parts or Autozone and get it recycled for free. They will take the old battery back for free. They may even give you money for the core, so don’t forget to ask. Not only that but if you think the battery has some life left, you can have them recharge and then test the battery. If the battery is good, take it back if not then the store can keep it.

Free Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

free car repair services - wiper blade replacementVisibility is very important safety factor when you drive. If you need new wiper blades you don’t need to pay an installation fee. Buy them at your local auto parts store such as Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys or Autozone and they will install them for free. Unfortunatley, because Mercedes-Benz uses a unique wiper design on some models, you will may not find wipers for certain cars at your auto parts store. Before you head to your dealer to pay over $50 for a set of wiper blades, check Amazon they normally have even those hard to find wiper blades.

Free Brake Inspection

free brake inspection serviceNot all auto parts stores offer this service but Pep Boys does. If your brakes are squeaking or grinding or you are not sure if you need new brakes, and live near a Pep Boys take your car there to have them check out your car. They will inspect the brakes for free and tell you if you need new brakes and rotors.

Free Alignment Check

This free auto service is offered for free from Pep Boys and Mr Tire. They will put your car on the alignment machine and check your toe-in, toe-out, caster and camber. If your tires have been wearing unevenly or if you don’t feel that your car is handling just right, have your alignment checked out for free.

Free Flat Tire Repair

If you bought your tires at your local tire shop, in most cases they offer lifetime flat tire repair. But even if you didn’t buy your tires at your local tire service center, you can still get FREE flat tire repair. Several tire installation shops that you will find nation wide are:

Some of these stores will also offer FREE tire rotation. 😉


Allways call the auto part store or the repair shop to verify the free car service. It’s recommended to confirm the free service before you drop off the car. Store policies change all the time. Typically the auto parts store would want you to buy the parts there or the auto service centers mentioned here would like to perform further service at their shop. Ask question and understand what is being offered for free and what is not.


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