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How to remove COMAND Stereo Radio Unit Mercedes-Benz E320 E500 E350 CLS 500 550 W211

This article will show you how to remove the COMAND Stereo Radio and CD player/changer, which is necessary if you want to replace, upgrade or install a new head unit (HU). If your stereo stopped working, replace it with another OEM head unit or install an aftermarket stereo with DVD, rearview camera Bluetooth and Navigation. A list of alternative head units that you will find on Amazon that will fit your Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211 / CLS W219 is listed at the end of this DIY article.

Note that if you go with an aftermarket route, you may lose a few features, such as controlling your stereo with the steering wheel buttons. If you must have steering wheel controls to change the radio, you need a CANBUS module. Because Mercedes-Benz uses a D2B fiber optic bus installing an aftermarket unit, it’s slightly more complicated than other cars.

Instructions apply to:

Mercedes Benz E Class W211
Mercedes Benz CLS Class W219

Tools & Parts Needed

  • Replacement Head Unit (see List of Recommended Alternatives Below)
  • Torx Bit Set

Instruction on how to remove COMAND Stereo Head Unit

While disconnecting the battery is unnecessary, we recommend that you disconnect the battery when you remove the COMAND system on your Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Step 1

Remove the shifter handle and the wood trim on the center console. You can remove the trim by lifting it. It will be easier if you remove the shifter knob, but this is necessary. At a minimum, set the emergency brakes and move the shifter to D (drive)position. Making sure the engine is turned off.Remove comand system from mercedes e class

Step 2

Remove the ashtray. You may have two screws or a locking tab holding the ashtray. On the back of the ashtray, you will see electrical wires on the back of the cigarette outlet. Unplug the electrical connector. remove ashtray in order to access the radio stereo unit

Step 3

Remove the CD changer or storage compartment if you don’t have a CD changer. If your car has heated seats, this part has your Hazard Button, door lock/unlock switch, ESP, and heated seat buttons.remove cd changer e320 e500 e350

Step 4

Once you remove the CD changer, you can access two bolts at the bottom of the COMAN head unit. These two bolts have Torx heads. You must get the bolts loose; they can not be removed completely. Unscrew them until they stop rotating. They are long, and you must turn them over 30 turns to get the HU unlocked.  Pull out the HU and unplug the fiber optic cable from the back of the COMAND A40/3 unit.

If you are replacing or upgrading with an OEM Mercedes-Benz head unit, you can use a Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnostic C3 or C4 to retrieve the settings from the old unit and transfer to the new unit. If you don’t have Star Diag C3 or C4, you must set the new settings manually.

Video on how to remove COMAND, Stereo Head Unit

YouTube video

COMAND Head Unit Alternatives

If you want to upgrade your head unit, consider the Mercedes E Class CLS W211 W219 Comand APS NTG2.5 This unit has: a single CD/DVD player, High definition LED display model, Bluetooth built-in, SDHC card with up to 32GB compatibility.

Detailed Description:

  • Widescreen format 16:9 6,5″ TFT HD LED High definition color screen (much better & higher resolution – much better picture quality)
  • Internal 40GB Hard Disc drive for navigation maps, MP3, and other media
  • Single CD/DVD Player
  • Bluetooth for phone 
  • Linguatronoc (voice control – voice recognition)
  • DVD movie, MP3, audio CD Player
  • DOLBY DTS sound processor
  • 2D, 3D LIVE map display with TMC and POSTCODE search, Split-Screen-Function
  • Possibility of connection for mobile, amplifier, TV-tuner, DVD/VIDEO-player, PlayStation, etc.
  • Supports external Harman Kardon amplifier

Recommended Aftermarket Head Units for E-Class E211 and CLS W219

If you are replacing your COMAND head unit with an aftermarket stereo, here are a few alternatives you may want to consider. Any of these stereos can be purchased on Amazon; links are provided.

Pyle PLDNB78i Headunit Receiver 7-Inch Stereo Radio, GPS Navigation, Bluetooth, Touch Screen, Double DIN Pyle PLDNB78i Headunit Receiver 7-Inch Stereo Radio, GPS Navigation, Bluetooth, Touch Screen, Double DIN
Kenwood 2-Din AV Navigation System with Bluetooth HD Radio Kenwood 2-Din AV Navigation System with Bluetooth HD Radio
pioneer in dash double din navigation dvd receiver touchscreen backup camera Pioneer in-dash double DIN Navigation DVD receiver touchscreen Backup Camera

For a clean-looking install, you will need Frame DVD Dash Installation Surrounded Trim Kit for E-Class CLS-Class.radio frame w211 kit



E-Class W211 with any of the following head units (HU):

-COMAND APS with CD Player, DVD, or Navigation

-COMAND Head Unit without navigation and CD Changer

The COMAND system may also be referred to as unit A40/3.

COMAND System / Navigation / Stereo / Radio / Head Unit Part Number

A 2118276342 A 2118700289 A2118204397

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