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S Class CL W221 Fuse Box Location Engine Interior Trunk Dash

S Class W221 Fuse List, Location, Relay, Chart, 2006-2013

Location of fuses Mercedes-Benz S-Class, CL-Class:

S-Class W 221 (2007-2013)
S320 CDI, S350, S450, S500,
S550, S420 CDI, S600
CL-Class C 216 (2006-2014)
CL 500 CL 600 CL 63 CL 65 AMG
  • Prefuse Box in the Engine Bay – F32/3
  • Fuse Box in the Engine Bay – Front SAM Control Unit – N10/1
  • Fuses in the ride side of the dash F1/6
  • Fuses in the Left side of dash F1/7
  • Prefuse Box Hidden behind the dash, passenger side. P32/4
  • Battery Fuse – Backup – F37
  • Fuses in trunk – Rear Sam Control Unit – N10/2



w221-fuse-box-location-engine-interior-trunk-dashPrefuse Box in the Engine Bay – F32/3

FuseAmpere RatingDesignation
F3150Electrohydraulic Power Steering A91/1 or glow time out put stage N14/3
F4NofuseInterior prefuse box F32/4
F5100AAC with integrated control additional fan motor M4/7
F6150Front SAM control unit with fuse. Relay module N10/1
F740ESP Control Unit, Brake System
F825ESP Control Unit, Brake System N30/6
F930Front SAM control unit N10/1
F10Not used

Relays in Box in the Engine Bay – Front SAM Control Unit – N10/1

N10-1 front sam fuse location engine bay
Fuses Engine Bay – Driver Side N10-1 Front SAM Control Unit
AAir Pump Relay
BAir Suspension Compressor Relay
CEngine terminal 87
DRelay 15 -terminal
RTerminal 87 relay
FHorn Relay
G15R Relay
HStarter – Circuit 50 relay
JStarter  – Circuit 15
KWiper park heater relay

Fuses – Box in the Engine Bay – Front SAM Control Unit – N10/1

F2010 Control Unit N3/9 or N3/10
F2120Circuit 87 – Fuel Pump Relay
F2215Connector sleeve
F2320Rear SAM Control Unit Fuse Box
F2425CDI Control Unit N3/9
F257.5Instrument Cluster – Dashboard
F2610Left headlight – lamp unit
F2710Right Headlight – lamp unit
F287.5EGS Unit Transmission control unit.
F295Rear fuse box and relay module Rear SAM N10/2
F307.5Fusel System Control Unit , Engine Control Unit N3/9 N3/10 N118
F315Refrigerant Compressor
F3215Transmission oil pump control unit N89
F335ESP Control Unit, Battery Management, Power Electronics
F345Braking System N30/6
F355Electric parking brake -A13
F3610Data link connector – 16 PinX11/4
F377.5EIS Control Unit N73
F387.5CGW Central Gateway control unit, Audio, Sound
F397.5Instrument cluster
F407.5Upper control panel N72/1
F4130Wiper motor M6/7
F4230Master wiper motor M6/6
F4315Front cigar lighter with ashtray illumination
F455Power electronics pump M13/8
F4615ABC Control Unit N51/2 or AIRMATIC N51
F4715Steering column adjustment motor up or down
F4815Steering column adjustment motor in / out
F4910Steering column N80
F5015AAC Unit N22/1
F515COMAND Display
F5440Air Recirculation AC
F5560Electric Air Pump
F5640AirMatic Compressor Pump A9/1
F5730Wiper Heater R2/10
F605Power Steering A91-1
F617.5SRS Airbag Restraint System N2/7
F625Night View Assist N101
F6315Fuel Filter Sensor B76/1
F6410NECK PRO Head Restraint Solenoids Y24/12 – Driver, Y24/13-Passenger
F6515Outlet in glove box
F667.5DTR Unit A89

Interior Fuses Right side of the dash F1/6

Fuse NumberAmpere Rating Designation
F7040Door Control Unit – Right N69/2
F7115Keyless Go Control Unit N69/5
F727.5Pyrotechnical Separator K88
F735Emergency Call System Control Unit
F7430TLC Control Unit
F7510Battery Management
F7615Vacuum pump relay
F7750Sound Amplifier A2/13
F7825AdBlue Relay/ Additional Fan/ Charge Air Cooler Circulation Pump
F797.5Alarm H3/1
F8040Door Control Unit – Left Door N69/1
F8130Rear control unit CL model

Rear door control unit S Class

F8230Rear door control unit
F8330Intellignet Servo Unit. Direct Select
F8420Sound Proceeding Unit A2/69
F8510 Illumination for Door Sills
F86Not used
F87Not used
F88Not used
F89Not used
F9020Heater unit
F915Front SAM unit

Fuses Driver side, Left side of dash F1/7

Fuse NumberAmpere RatingDesignation
F9240Left front seat N32/1
F937.5Weight sensing system N2/13
F965TPM RDK Unit N88
F977.5DVD Player
F1005Media Interface N125/1
F10110Rear Displays Left A40/5 RightA40/6
F10240Right front seat N32/2
F1037.5ESP Electronic Stability Program
F10440Audio Radio Tuner
F105Not used
F1065Navigation / TV Tuner/ Toll Collection
F1075HD Tuner N87/8, Audio Broadcasting N87/3, SDAR Sirus Unit
F1085Rear A/C N22/4
F10915Rear Air conditioner blower motor N29/2
F1107.5Rear Back rest control Unit N32/20 N32/21
F1115RCP Control Unit N72/2
F1125Fuse box, Front SAM
F1135DC Converter
F114Not used
  • Prefuse Box Hidden behind the dash, passenger side. P32/4

Fuse LocationAmpere RatingPurpose
F3150Rear SAM control unit N10/2
F4150Heated Windshield, DC Converter, ECO start/stop function
F540Vacum Pump
F680Right dashboard fuse box F1/6
F7150Heater booster R22/3
F880Front SAM module N10/1
F980Left dashboard fuse box F1/7
F10150Rear SAM N10/2
  • Battery Fuse – Backup – F38

Fuse 38 is a 5-ampere fuse, for the additional auxiliary battery G1/7, EZS control unit N73, and Front SAM control unit.

Fuse Style used on the Mercedes-Benz S Class W221.

Standard blade fuses are used in the S-Class.

  • Fuses in trunk – Rear Sam Control Unit – N10/2

    FuseAmpere RatingDesignation
    F11550Rear window heater
    F11610Power electronic pump
    F11715Rear cigar outlet
    F11730Fuel Pump
    F11815AC Compressor/ Power electronics pump/ fuel pump
    F1197.5Front central unit A40/9
    F120Not used
    F12110Audio radio tuner
    F1227.5COMAND A40/3
    F12340Emergency tension retractor – Right front A76/1
    F12440Emergency tensioner retractor – left front A76
    F1255Voice Control VCS N41/3
    F12625Overhead control panel N70
    F12730Pneumatic pump seat control M40/1, Seat pneumatic pump M40, Lumbar pmp M25/1
    F12825Fuel pump N118
    F12925Universal portable cell phone control unit UPCI N123/1
    F13030Parking brake – Electric A13
    F1317.5Rear window antenna amplifier A2/12
    F1335Rear camera B84/3
    F13415Rear trunk outlet socket X58/12
    F1357.5Radar sensor / parktronic PTS N62
    F1367.5AdBlue N118/5
    F1377.5Rear Camera B84/3
    F1385TV/ tuner / emergency call / navigator
    F13915Rear back rest refrigerator A39/1
    F14015120 outlet socket, rear cigarete lighter outlet
    F1415Rear camera N66/2
    F1427.5Video and radar sensor N62
    F14325Rear seat N25/6
    F14425Rear seat N25/6
    F14520Rear trailer hitch socket – 13 pin type – X58
    F14625Trailer N28/1
    F14825Panoramic sliding sunroof
    F14925Panoramic sliding sunroof A98
    F1507.5TV Tuner
    F15225AC Converter  from DC N24/3
    F153Not used

    Relays in trunk – Rear Sam Control Unit – N10/2


    Purpose of relay

    MCircuit 15 N10/2
    NTerminal 15R
    OPower outlet relay
    RCigar lighter relay
    SFuel Pump


Printed fuse charts that come with the car.


Download Fuse ListS Class w221 fuse box location engine interior trunk dash

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