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How to check engine oil level E-Class & CLK Class


Mercedes-Benz removed the oil dipstick from the engine in several models. To check the oil level you will need to access the menu in the instrument cluster. The procedures are slightly different for each model but if you look at a couple of the videos below you will be able to measure your engine oil level on your Mercedes-Benz.


  1. Make sure car is parked on a level surface.
  2. Leave the car turned off at least 15 min.
  3. Turn the key to the first position.
  4. Change setting to see the speed as 0 MPH.
  5. Press the group buttons to check the oil level.
  6. If these procedures don’t work, download the owners manual for your Mercedes-Benz model and look up the correct procedure. Get a FREE copy of your owners manual. 

    Applicable to:

CLK500, CLK320, E320, E350, E500

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2009

How to check oil level on Mercedes-Benz via the Instrument Cluster


  1. i am in eager to know how this engine oil level indicator works,, whether it measures the quantity alone or also the quality?????????

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