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Mercedes-Benz Brake Light Switch Replacement

How to remove and replace the stop/brake light switch on Mercedes Benz. The guide is shown in ML-Class, but the procedure is similar for other models. If your Mercedes-Benz does not have a brake light switch, as shown here, it may be integrated into the brake booster/master cylinder.

Parts Required

Step-by-step instructions on replacing the brake light switch on an ML320, ML430, ML500 W163.

  1. Remove the panel under the dashboard.
  2. Unplug the OBD II cable from the port if necessary. This will give you more room but is not necessary.
  3. Unplug the electrical connector from the brake light switch. The brake light switch is located right above the brake pedal.
  4. Remove the brake light switch by pressing on the lock tab and rotating it.
  5. Install the new brake light switch in reverse order.
  6. Plug the electrical connector back in and install the under-dash panel.

Applicapble Models: 

1998-2005 ML 320 ML 350 ML 430 ML 500 ML 55 AMG.


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