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How to Synchronize Mercedes Windows & Sunroof

instructions on how to diy window re synchronization mercedes benz

Re-synchronization of your Mercedes-Benz windows and sunroof may be required if your sunroof and windows don’t work properly. This is a simple procedure that needs to be performed after you disconnect or replace the battery. Or if your battery died or is not holding a proper charge. The newer Mercedes-Benz cars …

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Mercedes Sun Visor Problems + Easy Fix

sun visor won't move down

Are you having problems with the sun visor on your Mercedes-Benz? Sun visor won’t fold back up or it is too hard to move down? A common problem with Mercedes sun visor is that they won’t fold back properly when pushed up. You may notice that the sun visor is not …

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Choosing the right Spark Plugs for your Mercedes-Benz

mercedes spark plug engine misfire

Are you wondering which are the best spark plugs for your Mercedes-Benz? This article list some of the best spark plugs that you can use on Mercedes-Benz engines be that an E-Class, C-Class, S-Class, ML-Class, GL-Class. This article applies to Mercedes-Benz cars with V6, V8, V12 gasoline engine such as M112, …

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7 Tools You Must Have for Mercedes-Benz DIY Repair

If you own a Mercedes-Benz, there are a few specialty tools that you need to add to your tool box if you plan on doing maintenance on your car. These are must have tools for doing troubleshooting and repairs on your Mercedes-Benz.  You will find most of these tools on …

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10 Things All Mercedes-Benz Owners Should Know

Here are ten things that all Mercedes-Benz owners should know to keep their cars running longer, avoid headaches and save money. 1. Know what oil and filter to use. Mercedes-Benz recommended oil interval is 10,000 miles. That is only true if you are using the required oil and filter type. …

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Restore Steering Wheel – How to DIY

Steering Wheel Restoration Restoring worn out steering wheel is a common practice in the hot rod world. How to repair a steering wheel is something you may need to learn if you own a high mileage Mercedes-Benz. Steering wheels do wear out not just in Mercedes-Benz, but most cars. On …

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