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2010-2016 E-Class W212 Top Upgrades, Mods, Accessories

Have you spotted an awesome-looking W212 Mercedes-Benz E-Class? This list includes a few updated ideas to make your E350, E550, or even E63 AMG look even better. We spent several hours assembling a list of upgrade ideas for your Mercedes-Benz W212. These are easy upgrades and should work on E350, E500, E250, E200, E550, model years 2010-2016. Links to either Amazon or eBay listings have been provided. Note that we do not sell these parts, so if there is something you like, use the link provided to check the current price. If you have questions about the fitment, you must contact the sellers who have listed the parts for sale. Here goes the list of upgrades for W212 E-Class.

Here goes the list!

Upgrades for 2010-2016 W212 E Class.

1W212 Grill Upgrade

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Upgrading the front grill on your Mercedes-Benz is probably the easiest way to change the exterior looks. The grill is easy to replace, and there are several W212 grills available for you to replace your existing grill.

2W212 Steering Wheel w212 e-class upgrade steering wheel

If you are sick of the steering wheel on your W212 E-Class, that’s ok; there are plenty of replacement options for the steering wheel. One of our favorite designs is the AMG version with a flat bottom. You could replace it with the AMG steering wheel or several aftermarket steering wheels, such as the Alcantara, which has a flat top and common plus red stitches. Here is a list of some cool-looking W212 Steering Wheel Upgrades.

3W212 Carbon Rear Diffuser

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We wouldn’t recommend the rear diffuser for the W211 because it doesn’t fit with the round corners of that generation of E-Class. For the W212, that’s a different story. The rear diffuser on the W212 looks great, especially the E63 AMG version. There are several front and rear diffusers for sale, but we recommend that you go with carbon fiber so that you don’t add unnecessary weight to your Benz.

4 Steering Wheel Center – Red Star

This is going to be the last steering wheel-related upgrade, we promise. It’s just that we could leave this off the list. It is an inexpensive upgrade that will make your E-Class interior look modern. We saw this upgrade on Amazon and have provided a link above if you want to check the current price.

5W212 Front Lip

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If you have a non-AMG E-Class but love the AMG version’s looks, you could upgrade the front bumper. Install this front bumper lip and make your E200, E250, E350, E500, and E550 sedan look sporty. The lips come in carbon fiber, so they don’t add much weight and fit right on the OEM factory bumper. You could have a professional install this for you or install it yourself. Ensure you get a carbon fiber lip or you could end up with a cheap lip that can easily get damaged.

6W212 Exhaust Muffler Tip Pipe

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If you don’t like the stock exhaust pipe and how it looks, you can easily upgrade it by installing these exhaust tips that are designed to look like the  AMG style.

7W212 Wheels

mb upgrade rims8E-Class 2010-2016 Rear Spoiler / Lip

The rear spoilers for the W212 can come painted, matching the color of your Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It will fit E300, E350, E550 E63 AMG but not the two doors. If you need it for the coupe E-Class, you must get a different lip. The rear spoiler lip can be installed in less than 15 minutes, making this one of the easiest upgrades for the W212 list. Just peel off the protective film from the 3M tape and install it on your trunk. Make sure to clean the trunk from dirt before you install this lip. Do not wash the car for a few days after installing the spoiler.

9W212 Seat Button Covers

If you want to upgrade the interior look of your E-Class and love chrome, you should consider replacing the front seat buttons. The buttons can easily be removed and replaced with these nice-looking chrome buttons.

10W212 AMG Front and Rear Bumpers + Side Skirt Kit

w212 front rear bumper amg upgrade e-class
Source: CarPartsConnection EPN

Just because you don’t have an AMG doesn’t mean that your W212 can’t look like one. You can replace your E-Class’s front and rear bumper to match an AMG version. Side skirts are also available, but remember you will need to paint all to match your existing color. Don’t expect to find a body kit to come pre-painted and match the color of your car. That’s nearly impossible.


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