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Top 15 Upgrades and Mods for Mercedes-Benz C117 CLA

The Mercedes-Benz C117 CLA-Class was created as a more youthful alternative to the C-Class. It comes standard with a very good-looking center console and front profile. This article will look at the 15 most popular modifications to the C117. Applicable Models: CLA180, CLA200, CLA250, CLA45.

Applicable Models: CLA180, CLA200, CLA250, CLA45
Years: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Air Vent Outlet Ring Cover Trim

air-vent-upgrades-c117-claThe first thing you will notice about the interior of the C117 is all the air vents. The car comes standard with 5 very bold-looking vents. That makes them a great place to start your modifications.  We have found a set that covers the inner ring and the inner ring.  Depending on your preferred color scheme, this set is available in red and blue.


OBD2 Chip Mercedes CLA 250 C117 211HP Petrol Performance Tuning Box (eBay link)

chip-tune-claA quick way to get extra performance from your standard C117 is with a performance box. A performance box will allow you to get the maximum power available from your engine. This one is specifically tuned for the C117. It is claimed to give up to 20% more power and 10% more fuel economy. The performance box will reduce turbo lag and increase the pedal response.

V3 Coil-Over Kit for Mercedes-Benz CLA

V3 Coil-Over Kit for Mercedes-Benz CLAAnother great way to increase the car’s performance is with a racing coil over. These BR racing coilovers are perfectly suited to the W116. They will give the car stability in the corners, and a much better steering feel. Coilovers have been a staple of performance modifications for many years. So get yourself a pair and get ready for much quicker lap times.



Inner Door Speaker Cover For Mercedes Benz CLA (eBay link)

door-speakers-upgrade-mercedes-claChrome speaker cars look very nice on the doors of the W116. We have found a pair that fit very nicely and do not interfere with the sound of the original speakers. The standard speaker’s covers weren’t bad but weren’t great. Upgrading to this set of chrome covers makes the interior look much better. The chrome covers have the added effect of making the speakers look more luxurious.

Diamond CLA Style Front Grill for Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class (eBay link)

diamond-grillMuch like on the W205, the front grill on the C117 is the most prominent part of the car. Even more so on the C117, as the nose is designed to poke out further than the C-Class. We have found an amazing-looking diamond design grill. The diamond grill looks very nice on the C117 and is easy to install. The diamond design will set your car apart from all other CLAs.

LED Illuminated Star Kit

illuminated-center-starA very popular upgrade is the LED-illuminated front emblem. The shining light on the star logo makes the car a guaranteed head-turner at night. It is another easy install that should take too long to fit onto your C117. This kit will pair very well with the previously mentioned diamond grill. The two together will make for a very expensive-looking car.

Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

carbon-fiber-rear-diffuserRear diffusers are the most popular modifications to the C117. As usual, the most preferred option is the carbon trim. The carbon trim is favored for its lightweight and strong durability. It also gives the car a very sporty rear profile. This set features all the parts necessary to complete the AMG look.

Carbon Fiber Roof Spoiler for Mercedes CLA

carbon-fiber-roof-spoilerA carbon fiber roof spoiler looks perfect on the C117. The sweep at the sides of the spoiler gives the car a very sleek look. The roof spoiler also ties in very well with the standard rear spoiler. The carbon accent looks very nice on a white or red CLA. If you want to give the rear end the full carbon treatment, I would also suggest pairing it with a carbon trunk spoiler.

Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler

carbon-fiber-trunk-spoilerAs I suggested before, adding a carbon trunk spoiler is an important part of giving your C117 the full carbon look. The trunk on the C117 stands because the rear lights draw your attention to the rear profile of the CLA. The standard trunk pokes out a little already, so adding a trunk spoiler will make it stand out even more. This modification is very popular with people considering replicating the AMG model. This spoiler, matched with a carbon diffuser, makes the C117 look cool.

Carlsson 18” Graphit Rims Mercedes (eBay link)

carlsson-18-graphit-rimsThe AMG style rims are usually the most popular on a Mercedes, but on the C117, these Carlsson 18” Graphite rims are the best. Just something about how they sit on the car makes the side profile pop. They look like lovely 5 spoke rims from afar, but take a closer look, and you will see another 5 behind them. The clever color contrast sets these rims apart. They aren’t cheap, but they make the C117 look awesome!

LED Front Door Sill Scuff Plate Pedal For Benz CLA-Class (eBay link)

mercedes-scuff-plate-door-claThe long sweep of the C117 lends itself perfectly to a pair of LED scuff plates. The lovely glow whenever you open the door will add a very nice light to the car’s interior.  This is a fast install so you should be intimidated when purchasing. They come in 3 different colors to match the most popular interior accents. LED cuff plates are a great way to liven up your interior.

Inner Middle Console Speaker Cover For Mercedes Benz CLA (eBay link)

center-speaker-cover-mercedes-claThe standard console speaker on the C117 looks very dull. The bland black cover sticks out like a sore on the lovely-looking dash. But fear not; we have found a way to make that speaker look amazing. This chrome finish speaker cover transforms that ugly speaker cover into a work of art. The speaker cover is simple to install and doesn’t mess with the original sound.

Red Front Lip

red-front-lipAdding a red accent to the front spoiler is always a good idea. It looks especially nice on the W117. The front lip spoiler will look very nice on a carbon or white bumper. The ease of installation makes it a very popular modification. The C117’s front profile will look amazing paired with a diamond grill.

Chrome Front AC Control Trim for Mercedes Benz CLA (eBay link)

A subtle but popular modification is the chrome front AC control trim. The chrome trim adds a very sleek look to the AC controls. The standard controls do not come with the chrome trim, which is an expensive option when buying it from the dealership. Rather than paying extra at the dealership, why not get yourself a bargain on eBay?  The chrome trim makes a noticeable difference to the cars’ interior.

Ashtray Cover For Mercedes Benz CLA (eBay link)

ashtray-cover-mercedes-cla-upgradeWe have found a nice pair of chrome ashtray covers for the C117. The standard covers don’t have the same feel as these chrome covers. This particular set of covers has the Mercedes Benz Logo on them, which I think is a very cool touch.  Overall, I think the chrome ashtray cover is an excellent addition to the interior of the C117. These covers will give the center console a very lovely finish.

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