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Top 10 Mercedes Key Chains

If you own a Mercedes-Benz, then you got to have a cool Mercedes key chain. Looking for a nice-looking Mercedes key ring? What better way is there to express that you own a Mercedes-Benz than with a Mercedes-Benz keychain? Mercedes-Benz key chains can vary in design and even in functionality. In this Top 10 list, you will find some of the coolest Mercedes-Benz keychains.

Top 10 Best Mercedes Key Chains

10. Mercedes-Benz 3D Chrome Keychain

Mercedes-Benz 3D Chrome Metal rectangle Keychain key Ring --large

A nice looking Mercedes Keychain with the Mercedes-Benz logo in the center of the chrome rectangle. This keychain should look great next to your Mercedes-Benz chrome key. It has a latch and also a key ring so you can add extra keys.

9. Mercedes-Benz Blue Classic Logo Key Chain

mercedes classic logo key chain

Sold by Mercedes-Benz on Amazon, this should be a genuine key ring. Has the classic Mercedes-Benz silver/blue logo which is one of the oldest and most recognized MB logos. This is a slightly more expensive Mercedes-Benz keychain, but it is authentic after all. You can afford it if you can afford a Benz. 🙂

8. CHAMPLED Mercedes-Benz Keychain Keyring with MB Logo and Symbol

Mercedes keychain keyring logo symbol sign badge

This is an awesome-looking key chain for Mercedes-Benz. It has a modern look with a unique design which we love. It has high-grade zinc alloy so it should not fade over time. The manufacturer makes it easy to return the key chain if you don’t like it. If you love the looks of this Mercedes Key-chain, it is very unlikely that you will be returning it. It is more likely that you will be buying extra ones for your family members who drive Hondas and Toyotas. It is also one of the cheapest Mercedes key chains.

7. Mercedes Leather and Enamel Key Ring Key Fob

mercedes leather key ring

This key chain design has been around for years. If you bought a Mercedes-Benz in the 80s and 90s, you might have seen this leather keychain in Mercedes-Benz showrooms. If you like the design then go for it. It also has several positive reviews on Amazon.

6. Mercedes Brussels Keyring

mercedes benz key chain

Just the Mercedes-Benz logo, nothing else. This Mercedes keyring has nickel plated Mercedes star logo. Just don’t use it to open bottles because you will ruin it. It has a very good sales record on Amazon and over four stars, so it can’t be that bad. According to the item description, the material should be metal, so if you get a plastic one get it back.

5. Genuine Mercedes-Benz Titanium Key Ring Key Chain

mercedes genuine keychain

This is a titanium key ring for Mercedes-Benz owners. It has a modern design that looks different than the keychains we have presented so far. Currently, it has over twenty reviews with an average of four stars out of five. Note that a few people who bought this keychain complained that the quality wasn’t what they expected.

4. Mercedes-Benz Historic Logo Key Chain

antique historic mercedes keychain logo ring

This is the official Mercedes key chain. It shows Mercedes-Benz logos from 1909 and 1916. If you are looking for a cool-looking keychain that also looks classy, this one may be the right one for you. Or if you drive an antique Mercedes-Benz, you may want to consider this keychain. It is offered for sale by Mercedes-Benz as well.

3. Mercedes-Benz Key Chain – Quarter Chip

the best mercedes key chain

mb key chainThis Mercedes key chain not only looks cool but can come in handy if you need to borrow a shopping cart at certain local stores.  What? Here is how this works. The Mercedes-Benz logo can be removed. When you go to a store that requires a coin/quarter/chip for borrowing a cart, you can use the MB logo to borrow the cart. Now the logo stays in the cart that you just borrowed and when you return the cart to its place you can get your MB logo back. Many grocery stores in the United States and airports do this so that you return the cart to the designated spot.  The bottom line is that the MB logo is the size of a quarter but don’t make the mistake of using it in a vending machine.

This Mercedes key chain is small (quarter size) and light. That’s something that you want to consider if you don’t want to add weight to your key ring.

2.  Mercedes Keychain and Car Tire Valve Caps

best cheap Mercedes key chain ring

One of the least expensive Mercedes keychains also comes with a set of valve caps. This is a nice-looking key chain, and the tire valve caps will be matching the design of your Mercedes key chain. How cool is that? Make sure that the Mercedes logo is not loose as some members reported that the MB logo tends to come off. If the logos are loose, use gorilla glue and they should be good for a lifetime. Seriously you can’t beat the price and what you get.


1. Genuine Mercedes-Benz S-Class Leather Key Ring

genuine mercedes key chain key ring chrome

Sold by Mercedes-Benz, this is a nice leather key ring that could have the letters for your Mercedes-Benz model. The keyring in the picture shows an S for S-Class, but other options are available with letters for C, E, ML, GL, GLK, SLK, GL, and SL class. If you check the Amazon link above you will see suggestions for other Mercedes-Benz models. This should last a long time as it uses genuine leather and has a nice chrome finish on the letter.

We are sure that by now you have found a Mercedes key chain that you love, but if you haven’t yet we have a few more suggestions. Here are a few other resources that you may want to check out.

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