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How to replace low beam headlight bulbs W220 S430 S500 CL500

s430 w220 w500 pictureWhen the headlight bulb burns out in your Mercedes-Benz, you need to replace it with the correct bulb type and watt rating recommended by the manufacturer. Chanign a burned out on your car is easy. Headlight low and high beam bulb failure can happen over time due to the age of the bulb. It is recommended that you replace both lights at the same time for two main reasons. You will have matching headlights in brightness and in color. Also because the light bulbs have work hours, it is very likely that the other light bulb will be going out in the near future.

IMPORTANT: Avoid touching the light bulb glass with your hands.

You could also upgrade to HID bulbs. Our recommendation is to use an aftermarket HID kit for the same bulb size possible a Error Free Kit. Here are a few listings of Error Free HID Conversion Kits that fit Mercedes-Benz cars on Amazon.



There is a limited space behind the headlight. It is recommended that you are familiar with the steps to install a new light bulb on your car, to make the installation easy.

  1. Open the hood by pullin the hood release located under the dash, on the driver’s side. interior W220 hood release
  2. Pull the hood catch and lift up the hood. pull mercedes hood handle to pop hood
  3. Locate the back of the headlight.
    S430 S500 Headlight
  4. Remove the plastic cover from the back of the headlight assembly. Press the two plastic tabs together to remove the headlamp cover.
  5. Remove the electrical connector from the low beam halogen type light bulb.RE Camera
  6. Remove the light bulb from the socket. Install the new socket. Make sure it sits in the recess.
  7. Reinstall the electrical connector and the headlight cover in reverse order.

NOTE: It is important that the headlight bulb fits in the headlight socket properly. If the bulb doesn’t fit properly in the socket, the light beam will not project correctly. You can verify this by turning on the light and looking at the headlights from 20 feet away. Both headlights should be the same brightness.

Applicable Models: S430 S500 S55 CL500 CL600  Chassis: W220 W215 Years: 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

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